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MSC Cruises
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MSC Fantasia

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April 2018
Wedding anniversary

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Quality of Food:
We are not fussy eaters and enjoyed the majority of meals
one show 'Queen' was repeated three times during the cruise
Shore Excursions:
some excursions were not as advertised ie a trip to the beach where 'Death in pradise' was filmed was advertised, when in fact the coach stopped at a 'viewing point' and the beach, approx 1 mile away was pointed out to passengers.
Customer service staff rude and unhelpful
Onboard Activities:
Pool access however is via ladder only and unsuitable for people with poor upper body strength
As advertised
We have been on 4 cruises, each with a different company, the Mediterranean twice with Princess Cruises and Costa cruises, Mexico and the western Caribbean with Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) and the latest was Jewels of the Caribbean with the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC). Our experiences with the first three were excellent and a pleasurable experience. our latest was spoiled by what I would call, very poor communication skills, I will briefly outline my complaints below. 1, On arrival on the ship, my wife and I attended the bar for a cool well needed drink and were charged for them even though we had paid to upgrade to an all inclusive package. On attending the reception I was told that we were not listed as all inclusive and would be charged for all drinks. luckily I had taken all booking correspondence with me and was able to show that I had paid to be all inclusive. 2, On arrival at a french owned island, on a bank holiday, I attended reception to exchange Dollar's for Euro's only to be informed that If I had wished to exchange money I should have done it the evening before. I said that it would be adventagous to let passengers know this policy in advance, ie on the information sheets that are posted in each cabin. The customer service staff member simply stated, "well I am informing you now, and you can always use a credit card" my reply was that this reply was unhelpful and rude and as I had taken a large amount of cash (Dollars) with me I didnt wish to use a card, due to it being a bank holiday i was unable to exhange money ashore either. 3, One night having, gone to bed about midnight we were awoken by very strong fumes coming into the cabin via the air conditioning vents, i attended at reception and informed them of the fumes and that my wife, who is asthmatic, was sitting on the balcony to await its rectification. After 40 minutes with no sign of any staff member attending I again contacted reception to ask what was being done to rectify the problem as the fumes has become worse, another 20 minutes passed before we were contacted by an officer stating that maintence crew had painted the wrong air conditioning unit in port and it was the paint fumes coming through the air conditioning and that it had now been changed. 4, On another night it took 3 phone calls and over an hour to have a 'between balcony' door closed, that had been left open after cleaning in port and was banging so loud in the choppy weather that ourselves and other passengers were being kept awake. There were numerous other annoyances, including passengers being told only at the disembarcation gate that they needed passports for a french port we had arrived at, causing everyone to fight their way through hundreds of passengers waiting to dissembark. These may seem trivial complaints but it took the edge of what was hoped would be a fantastic anniversary cruise.
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