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March, 2020
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I took a transatlantic cruise onboard the MSC Fantasia, not my first time on this ship, I was travelling with 3 others, my Brazilian girlfriend, and two of her friends. We embarked on 10th March ,2020 at Santos,near Sao Paulo bound for Barcelona where we were due to end our cruise. Due to the outbreak of the corona virus we were told by our agent that all passengers would be tested before being allowed to board the ship. None of us were tested,and speaking to other passengers on the ship,there were not tested either.
We duly set sail bound for Buzios,our first stop; which I had visited twice  previously over the years. Following this stop we set sail again for our next port of call:Macae, northen Brazil. During our two sailing to get to this port an announcement was made by the captain that most of the European ports on our itinerary were closing their borders so,we would not be allowed to go there. The only port that would give us access and enable us to disembark was Lisbon in Portugal. We this shocking news,1500 brazilian nationals decided to get off the ship at Macae before the ship continued it's journey to Europe. Those of us left onboard, approximately 1500 passengers were told by the captain that the ship had no corona virus onboard,and to enjoy the rest of the cruise.

On our subsequent arrival at Lisbon on 22nd March pandamonium broke out onboard because most of us had flights already booked from Barcelona or Marsellille the final destination. Flights were being cancelled by the airline companies and MSC staff were advising us to rebook our flights now from Lisbon. It was a chaotic mess onboard, particularly around the reception area!! Personally,  I felt that MSC staff were not experienced enough to deal with the uproar and chaos that ensued. 

During all this confusion MSC staff sent my luggage back to Brazil, this,despite the fact that I had given them my new flight details from Lisbon to Heathrow and,my luggage label clearly stated my destination and my home address. I eventually disembarked on 27th March after so many false starts! I was feeling very unwell and fatigued by the time I boarded the plane. My eldest daughter took the wise decision to book me a taxi from Heathrow airport to my home in Sittingbourne,I slept most of the way home! I should add at this point that it was confirmed a Portuguese national had proven positive for the corona virus when disembarking from the ship on 24th.

I subsequently went down with the virus and was was in self isolation for 14 days feeling absolutely awful. My Brazilian girlfriend also went down with the virus as did her friend upon their arrival in Brazil. So, not only did MSC send my suitcase to Brazil,they gave me the corona virus, despite the captain saying there were no cases onboard.  In addition to this, I've also recently discovered that the purser onboard has charged me twice for my onboard spend. Had I been more alert at the time I might have noticed the error. 

All the foregoing is a true statement of events following that nightmare of a cruise with MSC onboard their ship the Fantasia. To date, I have still not got my suitcase back from Brazil, no apology or offer of reparation from MSC.  I have,and continue to email their customer service department who continue to ignore my complaint.I am now convinced that they have a policy of ignoring customers complaints in the hope that eventually they will go away.  Truly shocking for a large international company to treat it's customers.  

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