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MSC Cruises
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MSC Bellissima

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April 2019

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Most Shows except Cirque du Soleil
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All staff good.
MSC Bellissima. April 2019. This was by far the biggest and newest ship we have ever been on, carrying a total of 4,500 passengers. She was Launched in June 2018 and Christened in March 2019 in Southampton. The Bellissima was a beautiful ship with no expense spared. The evening shows were all good, although short and sweet. The staff/crew were very hard working, friendly and helpful. Unusually for us, we had taken an inside cabin for this cruise, it was very nice, quite spacious and clean. MSC made a big thing of placing Zoe in the cabins for digital information, similar to an Alexa. Unfortuately, every time Zoe was asked a question it said Ask a member of staff, a complete waste of time. Other passengers we spoke to agreed, that they had the same disappointing result. We did miss having a Bridge Cam. We have had Web Cams on most of our previous ships and being in an inside cabin, this would have made a big difference, far better and more helpful than Zoe! The cabins really needed more storage drawers or shelving, there would have been space for shelving below the TV where they had put a rather useless rack for leaflets. The bathroom was very nice, small but perfectly formed and well lit. the magnifying shaving mirror was great, although frightening There was a nice shower and always plenty of hot water. The food was excellent both in the buffet and the Lighthouse dining room, although we only ate in the dining room twice as there didnt seem to be any atmosphere. We ate in the buffet more from choice, we were a party of four and it suited our needs as we could all choose exactly what we wanted. Sadly, we had chosen the wrong time for our holiday as it coincided with the childrens Easter holidays. I have got to say that I have never met so many ill mannered and rude children and adults. The children ran unchecked everywhere, especially in the dining rooms. They were touching food on the buffet and jumping on seats. The wasted food on the plates both from children and adults was dreadful. Even in the Lighthouse Dining Room a boy of about 8 was running around the room jumping on chairs, touching the table cutlery etc where other people would be sitting while we were trying to have a nice dining experience. We were about the only people dressed for Gala night, this was a non event and wasnt even scheduled in the daily news information. It wasnt any different to any other night. One night we sat in The Champagne Bar, a toddler climbed from one of the high stools and was running along the bar, unchecked by both parent and bar staff. We had booked early for the Cirque du Soleil the following Saturday evening. We were looking forward to the show as the theatre had been built especially for C d S. We were offered the show and dinner at 35 euros or a Cocktail and show at 13 euros. We were pleased we went for the Cocktail option as the show was awful, just run of the mill Trapeze and Tightrope performers plus a man with Hoola Hoops who dropped them no less than 3 times. The show was supposed to depict a story, we are still trying to work out what it was. The show was only about 40 minutes and very, very disappointing, 2/10 for entertainment. We have seen several Cirque du Soleil shows in the past and they were clever and brilliant. On a positive note, the ships Port Itinerary was good, we joined the ship at Naples and although we had to hang around a while the Embarking and Disembarking process was good. We really enjoyed all the ports. We did one excursion with MSC from Genoa to Portafino. It was good excursion but we could have done with a lot more time in Portafino and Santa Margherita, very rushed and should have been a full day. One lesson learnt was check when the school holidays are and avoid. Only one bar was given up to Adults only and we were ejected from here on the day at sea due to weddings taking place. Everything on this ship geared to separating passengers from their money rather than giving a nice vacation experience.
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