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  • Bradbury, - Commented on this review

    They find it impossible to comment on a review. They are too preoccupied with insulting other people making valid comments, congratulating each other and telling each other how wonderful they are and clicking on the thumbs up button relating to each other's comments sometimes thousands of times. As for this review, perhaps www.CRUISE.co.uk could introduce a new message board entitled 'Cruise memories' where this contribution could sit happily and be commented on by others who recalled these ships and wish to add their memories to the original post.

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    • Davies, Commented on a comment by Bradbury (01 May 18 17:49)

      Yes I totally agree. I notice that these same 'trolls' seem to be particularly abusive to your comments when,like me,you make totally reasonable comments to reviews posted on this site.

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      • Bradbury, Commented on a comment by Davies (01 May 18 18:59)

        I am thick skinned. The particularly libellous and defamatory comments are reported and 9 times out of 10 removed by the sites admin.i have been described as dog excrement, sad, lonely, a liar, mentally ill - and they are the more reasoned and pleasant comments. All on a site inviting comments and responses to reviews. I enjoy giving a honest response, be it good or critical. The review wich began this thread is a perfectly pleasant recollection of cruises taken many years ago. I would suggest this board is for reviews of recent cruises taken in order to inform people of experiences on ships or cruise lines that readers are considering booking with. As I said previously maybe a cruise memory board could be created.

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