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Hurtigruten Cruises
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ms Kong Harald

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March 2019

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Very fresh fish in the dining room
Torsten, expedition leader, great presentation skills
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Kong Harald 7-18 March 19. Plenty of reviews on this line, here's something a little different. We are did a flight included package from Gatwick with the excellent Titan airways charter. If you take this option make sure you fix your own luggage tags with name &cabin no.,before you board the transfer bus. If you don't you'll have to collect your bags from reception and take them to your cabin yourself. In Bergen you board on deck 5 with no-one to direct you to your cabin. We were in cabin 344 on deck 3 midships, looks small at first but plenty of storage for the 11day cruise. The shower is tiny, the smallest we've ever seen but the heated floor is great and the towels will dry overnight helping conserve a little bit of energy. All basic toiletries are supplied. There is no tv or kettle in this grade. Cabins on deck 5 have a walkway outside and the window is not one way glass!! Embarkation is very slow with the package so patience is called for. We noticed many people carrying bags of duty free drinks and they were not challenged so on this ship I'd say Bring Your own as prices on board are very expensive, 500ml of beer is about 9pounds +25% vat and the cheapest bottle of wine is about 42 pounds +25% VAT. There are wine shops called vinmonopolets in Tromso at the Nerstrada Shopping Centre easily seen from the ship and at other ports of call, we used the ones in Hammerfest &Stokmarknes both very easy find and very near the dock. We found wine boxes good value starting at about 20 pounds for 1.5 litres of chenin blanc,just be a little discreet when boarding. Going back to the cabin do NOT leave anything on the floor if you are showering at sea, the shower tray is very shallow and if the ship rolls a little the floor will be flooded. Deck 3on the Kong Harald has a completely free of charge launderette ,very useful. Dining times are pre assigned but if you want to change see the maitre d on the first night and they'll do their best to change it for you. The speciality restaurant, Kysten, is well worth a visit all you pay is 20pounds cover charge and nothing more for some excellent food.. Breakfast and lunch are buffet style with plenty of choice to suit most people, dinner is plated service with the menu pop published at lunch so if you really don't fancy something tell them and you'll get an alternative. Lectures on board are popular so it pays to be in good time, the only padded seats are along the windows.. Before booking excursions check the website as some take place at dusk or in the dark, the brochure doesn't mention times. As this is a cold climate cruise bulky clothing is called for so get some vacuum storage bags from Amazon, with a pump, to make packing a whole lot easier. The ship tours provide spikes but you may need your own for waking about independently,they're very cheap to buy on eBay or Amazon. You will need a decent camera to get the northern lights and maybe a tripod, almost impossible to shoot them on your phone. Hope this info helps you enjoy the most beautiful cruise in the world.
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