Luxury does not a perfect cruise make.

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Hapag Lloyd
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December 2014

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Most restaurants were fine with excellent service, however the Yacht Club buffet was dull food. Room service food was poor.Table settings are great.
Infrequent, lack luster. Cinema and Jazz Club hardly used.
Captain and young German waiting staff were superb, but other staff kept a low profile.
Onboard Activities:
Pool was rather ordinary. Lectures infrequent and aimed at German passengers sometimes with translation ear pieces.
Large cabins and bathrooms. Light switches complex and bothersome.Some cabin items poorly restoked, but the mini fridge contents are inclusive.
Passenger numbers were below 400 on our December 2014 New york to Miami (Caribbean) cruise for 14 nights. The cabins and bathrooms are large and luxurious.Light switches are so hi tec,with dimmers, that few will ever master them. Cabin servicing was not perfect, some items not being restoked. However the mini bar (no extra charge) will be kept full of chosen soft drinks and beer. The double beds are two singles (with single med covers) pushed together. The Captain and young staff speak good English, but they will start in German until you ask for English. Other senior Officers are not seen mostly. The restaurants are extremely smart (men's ties not required) however the food is quite plain at times and dinner can last two and a half hours often. Bookings for the smaller restaurants is required and one of our early bookings failed and we were turned away. The restaurant Manager made our bookings for the rest of the week for us. I thought the room service menu poor, and the delivered food average. The afternoon tea baking was not half as good as French would be. Entertainment was a little slow in coming and the cinema and Jazz club hardly used. Drinks choice and quality was superb, prices low and no service charge. The ports/beaches of call did not excite. The December New York weather was bad and the sea for three days out very rough. I thought that all boarding and Tendering and disembarking were rather poorly organised. For the final coach trip into Miami Beach the coaches were crammed with passengers and bags rammed into the hold. The hotel we were dropped at was not attractive and we left it as soon as possible. As usual we did not see the fine gym and spa, but the pool was quite ordinary. The trip did not thrill despite the fine new ship.
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