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I booked the Spain and Portugal with Seville Fair on Braemar, Felt it was a short cruise so decided I would add on the cruise before it i,e, City Break in Netherlands & Belgium . That's when the fun started ! I had booked a cabin on deck 3 but when my labels came I was on deck 2. I contacted Paula in Cruise.co.uk and fixed my cabin Then told by Fred Paula hadn't confirmed this cabin, Eventually got back to Deck 3 but never received any labels, Cruise advertised as 2 days in Amsterdam and 2 in Antwerp. I thought a day was 24 hours but we arrived in Amsterdam at 16.00 and left at 17.00 the next day. Had a lovely excursion to the flower fields but that is all I could fit in.
The same in Antwerp arrived at 11.00 and left at 17.00 the next day. There I booked a coach excursion and all we did was drive along the streets and was shown all the apartments plus left at museum for an hour  and told to take the escalator to level 8 and then climb to level 10 to get a good view of city. If you purchase a no walking excursion you can do this !!! then told it was closed because of the weather. Before we returned to the ship a lady from a diamond shop got in and proceeded to try and sell us diamonds. I had paid £46 for a view of the streets!
Stayed on for my next cruise and my friend joined me. She wondered why she had a white card and mine was blue. Soon found out when she was invited to a first timers cocktail party, Future cruises were adamant that she hadn't been on Fred  before when it was actually the Braemar that she was on  two years previously. Told they could find evidence of the cruise on mine but not hers. A day later she was told to go to Guest Relations and get a new card. That meant getting discounts on her purchases as well .Whilst there I asked for a copy of my account - there were no discounts on mine and I am gold! She was then sent a letter cancelling the Royal horse excursion as we were not in Cadiz long enough. I asked why I hadn't had a letter and they told me I hadn't booked any excursions. I showed then a copy of my booking form. They then booked the excursions but without the discounts Eventually told the computer had made a mistake and it had happened several times !
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