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Fred. Olsen Cruises
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Indian Ocean

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December 2018
Annual/regular holiday

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I ate a lot of seafood.
The Britain Rocks show was enjoyable.
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Zanzibar sultan Island experience was a good experience.
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I travelled as a single person, from the United Kingdom, to embark with Fred Olsen Cruise ship, Boudicca in Mauritius. The cruise was from 12th December 2018, Indian Ocean Islands and Zanzibar, continuing to cruise the Indian Ocean Islands, to disembark January 2019. I wanted to visit various countries like the Seychelles and the Maldives. The ship is small and was filled with elderly people. Some of the passengers coughed and sneezed in the dining areas on Deck 6. This was a food hygiene risk. Some passengers became sick with a virus. I tried to enjoy drinking cocktails on Deck 7, but was disturbed by workmen painting and cleaning the ship. The weather was very hot and they must have been uncomfortable working in such heat. Staff at Guest Services, constantly harassed me and other passengers by bombarding us with Forms to complete. They also demanded that Passports be handed in and they stored them in a unsafe place behind the reception counter. One morning, a female staff from Guest Services, hammered on my door and demanded my Passport! These staff should not receive gratuities. Some of the passengers were unpleasant and behaved as if they did not like different cultures. I suggest that they should not travel. The activities are repetitive. Alot of ballroom dancing, also cabaret in the evening. There was also some depressing lectures held in the Neptune lounge. For example, a retired police officer talked about crime. This is not a suitable subject for people who want to relax on holiday. There are set dining times, which requires sitting at a table with the same people. But I chose to avoid sitting with some obnoxious passengers, by eating in the buffet area. This cruise ship is not suitable for children and young people. There is a lack of interesting activities.
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