Where do you hang your long dresses ?

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Cunard Cruises
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Queen Victoria

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December 2018

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Grills restaurant
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Dom our waiter, nothing was too much trouble!
On a recent voyage on Queen Victoria we booked a new corner suite on the stern, a beautiful looking suite but nowhere in it to hang long dresses without reducing the already limited hanging space in only ONE wardrobe by a half by taking the bottom hanging out, ridiculous if your voyage is 7 days or more !!! The suite was also poorly finished, carpets not properly fitted, lamps dangerously loose, light and power sockets loose. The beautiful bathroom was let down by poor design and finishing. You couldnt put your head over the basins without colliding with the long mirror cabinets and the walk in shower flooded the bathroom every time you used it. It was such a shame as the cruise was great and we expected better after booking the same positioned suite on the Queen Elizabeth which had more room and a large walk-in wardrobe . On one of the shore excursions a fight between passengers nearly broke out because a nexican family who were late arriving on the coach and had to occupy separate seats then proceeded to occupy other guest seats when the ccoach made stops. The guide tried to intervene but with no effect, the driver should have ejected the family who were insulting to the surrounding passengers. The family then had the nerve to complain themselves to staff on board that someone had taken photos of the teenage daughter, who was trying to calm her parents down and was obviously upset by the situation her parents had caused. The representative from Cunard on the coach did nothing at all and to be honest you wouldnt have known that there was on the coach. And finally the scene in the bagage hall reprented a battle scene as people retrieving their cases and trying to get to the exit were negotiating other customers trying to come the opposite direction to get to their bagage absolutely apalling arrangements!!!
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