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  • Dudgeon, Wrexham - Commented on this review

    I agree about the entertainment but nothing else . The food on RCI is rubbish and the self service buffet is particularly poor - pies in tin trays and fat chips - school dinners were better.

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    • Beezley, Hastings Commented on a comment by Dudgeon (18 Mar 13 21:41)

      This is a ridiculous comment and makes me question whether you have ever been on RCI at all. It's one thing saying you prefer the food on another cruise liner, but facile comments like this have no place in a constructive review.

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      • Cairns, Ardrossan Commented on a comment by Beezley (19 Mar 13 07:25)

        I agree with the above comment, absolutely ludicrous statement to make, if your are going to complain at least be constructive about it My wife and I have been cruising for around 14 years we started out with a Nile cruise, back in 98 and moved to a Baltic Cruise on the Sun Dream we had several more on the Sun dream & Sunbird and then moved on to the Island Escape & then RCI & Celebrity and we enjoyed every cruise we have been on, all have been great value for money and taken us to Places we would never have seen , I am not saying they were all perfect but complain in a constructive polite and firm manner and most cruise lines will bend over backwards to accommodate you.

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        • Sullivan, Birmingham Commented on a comment by Cairns (19 Mar 13 09:11)

          I have to agree with the above comment, my wife and i go on cruise holidays with friends, yes we have little niggles but has soon as you speak to a crew member its put right. we have cruised on RCI and P & O cannot fault the food, what we tend to do is use the main resturant for breakfast and afternoon tea if we are back on board nice to be waited on.

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        • Falconer, Southampton Commented on a comment by Dudgeon (19 Mar 13 09:17)

          What a stupid comment, having cruised twice on RCI I.O.S. both my wife and I have been more than happy with standard of meals as we have been on P & O , Celebrity and Cunard. Of course on any ship there may be meal not to your taste but you cannot say a bland statement that all food on board is rubbish.

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        • Jones, Mold Commented on a comment by Dudgeon (19 Mar 13 12:06)

          I have sailed on IOS twice and must say on the last occasion (April 2012) the food in the main restaurant was disappointing. So poor in fact we ate in the buffet, something we never normally do, except for lunch and occasionally breakfast. Cunard food is superior, but the Cruise was a lot more expensive (Q. Liz 2012). There is a better standard of passenger on Cunard, less rude individuals as on RCI, although as always the majority are fine. I prefer P & O to both lines.

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  • Knott, Littleport, Cambs - Commented on this review

    We really like royal caribeen, always found the service excellent and accomodation very clean. our only sadness is that this year for some reason there are NO Royal Caribeen cruises for europe this Christmas and New Year. Having to now look at other cruise lines but cant really make a decision.

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  • Johnson, Solihull - Commented on this review

    My husband and I recently did a cheap 5 night cruise on Queen Victoria to try out and compare to my last 12 years of Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises. My findings differed in that accomodation was similar with more storage on Cunard, food in Dining Room was better on Cunard ( RCI has deteriated in recent years) but prefer dining options on RCI with My Time dining, Entertainment better RCI, Service better RCI. Our final decision is prefer RCI and Celebrity as they are more friendly,nicer venues and interiors, and although we are 60 and 71 years old felt Cunard was too old for us!

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  • Lloyd, Castleford - Commented on this review

    Unsure how you could compare the food at RCI to Cunard. RCI is well prepared, plentiful with a reasonable choice but basic at best. Not a fan of eating off melamine plates either. Cunard offers a more varied choice, looks far more appetising with a greater attention to detail. Cuts of meat appear to be of higher quality. Have to agree re P and O, standards have fallen, but to be fair so have most, economics i'm afraid. Celebrity food wise are excelent. I often get asked which cruise line is the best, that is an hard one to answer as each in my opinion bring something different.

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  • Rushton, Chippenham - Commented on this review

    No mention of costs. If one generally costs more than the other it would not be surprising if it rated higher.

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