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  • Cruiser, HORSHAM - Commented on this review

    You've hit the nail on the head 'the ship is moving most of the time'. Exactly why smoke drifts onto other balconies. When you eventually give up your pleasure you will understand so in the meantime keep moaning!

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    • Cooper, Stoke on Trent Commented on a comment by Cruiser (08 Nov 13 12:28)

      4 chain smoking pensioners on a balcony - Yukkkk . Never mind those on the balconies adjacent ladies !!. The very reason smoking on balconies has been quite rightly banned .

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  • Freemantle, Freemantle - Commented on this review

    If they had some balconies allowing smoking - what if no-one booked those, would a non-smoker be expected to have a cabin where the previous occupants had been smoking? I would imagine the time will come when all ships are non-smoking.

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  • Walker, KILMARNOCK - Commented on this review

    It beggars belief how the selfish smokers of society moan and groan at their lot and how the world is waking up to the smell and the danger they can cause. The majority of people, whether on a cruise or not, are now conscious of the fact that they no longer wish to sit near or beside a smoker and thus end up smelling like an ashtray. The health issues aside, I can see no justification in allowing anyone to smoke on a balcony and take the chance of a disregarded cigarette causing a fire on a ship with the inevitable consequences. But no, Haworth moans and groans at not being allowed to "enjoy" her habit irrespective of the fact she is on a cruise ship and could possibly sink it ! How stupid, ignorant and uneducated must these people be to consider it is their right to smoke in a public place and thus contaminate the entire area ? I hope that all cruise lines ban smoking on the ships entirely not least for safety reasons, but to "help" the poor souls who have the "disease". Smokers used to have a chip on their shoulder..........now it appears to be a boulder !

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  • Jo, HORSHAM - Commented on this review

    What a load of moaning!! And it seems you spent time ganging up with fellow passengers to join in with their moaning. The most heartening thing you wrote 'I won't be going on another Cunard cruise', that's good news. 2 main courses...aren't you ashamed of being so greedy. No wonder you thought the cruise good value. Do you normally do that when you go out to a 4 star restaurant.

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  • McGuinness, Southampton - Commented on this review

    It sounds like you have a nice moan for 2 weeks.

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  • Cough, SWINDON - Commented on this review

    Beef Wellington and Lobster is wasted on you, Ms Victoria Meldrew, with all that smoking you can't taste it anyway.

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    • Haworth , Yarm Commented on a comment by Cough (09 Nov 13 08:07)

      I bet you are a non smoker who deliberately walks through the smoking area complaining when you could easily divert to the non smoking side. Met quite a few of you which just makes me light up more and blow the smoke your way! Get a life. I have paid my taxes all my life. Ps. Hope your cough gets better !!!!

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      • Cough, SWINDON Commented on a comment by Haworth (09 Nov 13 09:22)

        You couldn't be more wrong Ms Meldrew. I smoked for 25 years, and think smokers sometimes get a raw deal with the draconian laws. If I'm sat outside at a pub and smokers sit on an adjacent table I have no problem with that. But paying good money for a balcony cabin and having smoke billowing over is a different kettle of fish, and the ship moving actually makes it worse. Finally, what has paying your taxes got to do with smoking on a cruise ship? Did I miss something? Did Mr Cameron buy Cunard off Carnival and nationalise it?

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        • Cruiser, NORWICH Commented on a comment by Cough (09 Nov 13 10:44)

          Typical response from an ex smoker, you've smoked an polluted other people's air for 25yrs, but now you've given up, you feel it necessary to knock someone who dares smoke in a balcony cabin next to yours. Talk about doubles standards, and for the record I'm a non smoker.

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