Crystal for solos....not really

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Crystal Cruises
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Crystal Symphony

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September 2016
Just returned from a lovely cruise on Crystal Symphony, travelled with my sister having our own cabins, although often we travel solo. I can't fault the crew and staff who really do look after you, plus the food was superb. However, they do make great claims to be a good choice for solos, ie; singles tables hosted, singles events and also the ability to join a larger table in one of the speciality restaurants for which you have the choice eating in there twice for no extra charge. This doesn't happen, the Maitre D told us personally that the do not have singles tables, neither do they allow you to join another table in Prego or Silk Road. If you are on your own and wish to eat there then you eat on your own - as happened to a lady I was speaking to....she said they put her in a corner out of the way... So, having been allocated a table of 8 in the main dining room, you then find you can be sitting on your own anyway as the other dinner guests can be dining elsewhere. After having a word about all this, they did try to put things rightly by organising a singles party (2 of us turned up!, plus sitting us with chief engineer for dinner and the cruise director also. They do have the 'dance hosts' if thats your thing but you would typically see two couples dancing.. Crystal is for couples, which is fine, but not for singles. Passengers were 90% American, most having several other cruises booked, sometimes 20.. I did book another cruise with Crystal but after the experience I've just had I have cancelled it. Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely ship, bit lacking in entertainment (Neil the pianist in the Avenue Saloon) is great though, lots of good things, but as a solo passenger - not really.
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