Costa is a truely wonderful company

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Costa Cruises
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Costa Mediterranea

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July 2012

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My cabin staff
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Yes! Plenty of different things for them to do
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Yes a lot of crafts, talks, entertainment ( both music and theatre)
Yes it was the best of any company’s
Costa is the most wonderful cruise company out of 7 different ones that I have been on, some of which were pretty poor to say the least of it. Costa on the other hand were wonderful on all the ones of theirs that Ive been on. This is for all the ships of theirs Ive sailed in addition to this one. This observation is both for hygiene, itineries, price, decoration, friendly attention, and detail to amenities. The thing most British people dont like about them is that they give out all announcements in several different languages whereas a lot of British people would like all cruise lines to give out notices just in English!! Clearly this is just silly and if you just wait for the English one and ignore the others all will be fine! Its also nice that you have a mixture of nationalities on board and can see that they are all happy! There is a wonderful mixture of things on the dinning table if you want it and do you dont have to actually ask for either water or wine or oil or bread. Staff are cleaning and polishing everything all the time and the ships look immaculate. The trips at the ports are also very good and there are a lot to choose from. The theatres are 3 Storeys in most ships and the entertainment is varied and very good. Altogether I cant recommend them too highly and they make some others (especially ones that say they are specifically catering to British people) look very poor! People who like these ones usually havent been on Costa or indeed MSC ones and the Italians win out yet again on all their attention to every detail. So my advice is to try them! I dont think youll be disappointed but thrilled with them. I cant recommend them too highly!
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