A Christmas in the Mediterranean

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Club Med Cruises
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Club Med 2

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December 1996

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There was only 1 dining room but the fare was excellent at all meals and well presented and served with a smile.
Shore Excursions:
Excellent! the best was Malta due to the length of time there (2 days) and being moored in Valletta harbour was a treat in itself watching all the activities. I took a tour round the island which has always lingered in my mind as a place to return to. The worst was Genoa as we were only there overnight and night life in Genoa is generally to be avoided.
Our waiter who always had a smile even when mistakes happened.
Onboard Activities:
Swimming, deck quoits, relaxing on deck with a drink, shore excursions.
It was fairly small, bijou is the word that comes to mind but the bed was comfortable which is all I cared about.
For my 18th birthday my mother bought me a Christmas and New Year cruise round the Mediterranean Sea. We stopped at various ports, including Gibraltar, Genoa, Malta, Tunis and Algiers, this last where we were the first cruise ship for some years following the revolution. We were escorted round town by Ahmed Ben Bellas private guards, who took their role very seriously. There were many great moments during the trip, which lasted 2 weeks, but my favourite was dinner, or to be more exact, dessert, on New Years Eve. After the main course was cleared the lights were dimmed and all the waiters, 1 per table, slowly walked into the dining room, each carrying a tray with a carved ice sculpture on it with a fruit soaked in brandy and set alight nestled somewhere near the centre of the sculpture. There must have been over a hundred of these beautiful creations being paraded round the room until each waiter placed their tray on a table. Each table sat 4 and when in full view it could be seen that under the flickering fruit flame was a dish of Neapolitan ice cream. Although some years ago now, it was a trip never to be forgotten and I never have. My cabin was fairly small but I did not spend much time in it other than sleeping. I felt the service was excellent and was never at a loss for something to do even though the ships then did not have all the facilities of today's super cruise liners. At first, when I sat down for my first meal in the dining room and met my fellow diners, the other 3 at my table, I got a little worried when they suggested that we take turns buying the champagne for each dinner but I gulped quickly and agreed. After that it seemed to be a constant rush to get ready for the next port of call or relaxing after the latest on shore adventure. Notes: Your site does not show the line or ship so I chose some to send this in but the details are really the Polish ship MS Batory. Also this trip took place before your earliest date.
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