Celebrity Solstice in NZ & Oz

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Celebrity Cruises
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Celebrity Solstice

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March 2019
Annual/regular holiday

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Breakfast & lunchtime in the Oceanview Café was very good.
The Broadway singer was the least enjoyable, followed by the house band Jim Beam. All the other shows were extremely good.
Captain Tasos was brilliant as usual as was the cabin steward. The remaining staff were good.
Onboard Activities:
Our Inside was the best we've ever had.
This review covers Celebrity Solstice & it's cruise to NZ & Oz in March/April 2019. Our background is that we love cruising and have cruised 13 times in the last 15 years. We currently prefer Princess (6 cruises) for the itineries available & Celebrity (4) for the little extra quality. HA (1) was good apart from the service pre & post cruising. NCL (1) & QM2 (1) we'd avoid. The ships Interior cabin was spacious & the itinerary was good. Entertainment & those artists brought onboard was extremely good apart from a "Broadway" singer one night. The general music around the ship was good apart from the house band (Jim Beam). Quiz's were great fun and the other activities & Cruise Director were good. It was strange how little early evening music existed or there were "gaps" and this added to some lack of ambiance. Drink mixes varied much in consistency & many beers, although advertised, were unavaible in some bars, but available in others. It seemed like lazy or poor fridge stocking by staff. The bars are all "cocktail" except for the dark dungeon of Cellar Masters, the wine bar. There is little atmosphere, except for the Ensemble Lounge where the blowing of whistles & forced joviality with staff and the bar "lizards" overtakes the area. The only sports bar is attached to the casino & there's no "pub-like" area. This was a poor aspect of the cruise. (HA's BB King's & dualling pianos were better than this ships offerings.) The coffee bar was great. Breakfasts & Lunches in Ocean View were very good. The main Dining room was ok, but not great. As "anytime" diners we enjoy joing tables, but this mostly seemed difficult. Staff assumed we wanted to sit at the same 2 person table & waiter always. It was hard convincing them how flexible we were! Sommeliers varied with the amount of wine dispensed on our drinks package & their attitude varied. Waiters ought to be able to match the wine to the glass to serve it in! The menu was generally good, but the "always available" varied. There was occasionally some very odd food pairings. Our next cruise is on Majestic Princess to Fiji in October so we'll see how different that ship is as we've not been on her before. We'd cruise Celebrity again, but there are the disappointments as noted above. Happy cruising .. !
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