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Celebrity Cruises
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Celebrity Edge

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February, 2020

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Blu Restaurant
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We hardly ever take any cruise line excursions - over priced and over crowded. Book you own private excursion with a local provider upto 75% less the cruise line offer.
Can't really rate any of the table service bar staff because we hardly saw any.
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The "Infinity Balcony" cabins are the best feature of "The Edge"
We are fortunate to have taken very many cruises and our "go-to" cruise line is Celebrity where we are "Elite" members of their loyalty programme.  I say this to set the following review into context.  Just before "lockdown" started we completed two 7 day back-to-back cruises on "The Edge".  

This was the WORST 14 days we have ever spent cruising.

The ship has some spectacular features e.g. the main theatre is fabulous and the staterooms with the "Infinity Balcony" are excellent but in general it's a nightmare.

Bars - there aren't enough of them and to quote one of the ship's officers "The bars have been designed by someone who's never been in a bar".  There is no lounge/bar on the upper deck overlooking the bow (The Constallation Lounge on Infinity Class) unless of course you have a suite.  The "sunset" bar at the stern is souless and has no sun shade of any description.  The internal bars are crowded and table service is almost non-existent.

Deck Space - much of the open deck space is taken up by "suite only" facilities or pay cabanas hence on sea days the deck space is extremely crowded with sunbeds crammed together side by side in rows of 12 or more.  If you want a drink - go and queue at a bar because deck waiters are like hens teeth.

Blu Restaurant - if you've booked Aqua class on other ships you've probably enjoyed the food, service and ocean views in the Blu restaurant.  The food and service on The Edge's Blu restaurant are just as good but forget the ocean views. If you get a window seat you can enjoy close up views of the tenders and people promenading along the deck.

Fancy a relaxing or romantic evening meal in a speciality restaurant?  Forget it!  The speciality restaurants are open to the central atrium/bar area and the din coming from them can be deafening.

It's not everyone's preference but on sea days we enjoy stting out on the promenande deck relaxing, reading and listening to the sound of the waves.  If that's what you like please remember that on The Edge, there is a promenade deck but there are no sun loungers.

One last thing, if you like the look of the "Flying Carpet" (the bar/restaurant overhanging the ships's side that moves up and down from deck to deck) please bare this in mind,
when the ship is moving there is usually a gale blowing through the Magic Carpet
during the day when the ship is docked and the bar is open - get there as soon as it opens otherwise you will not get a seat
if you want to dine there in the evening - it costs at least $99 per person

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