Oh, that Port filled Stilton cheese dessert

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P&O Brittania: somewhere off Brittany. Heading back to Southampton. Posh nite on Board: all dressed up. Food had been wonderful and plentiful. Then we asked for some cheese: A Port filled Stilton. Melted in the mouth. Best ever! What a Cruise is all about! Memorable! A a GC vg GC Ft v Rehydrates dog ff ggg GC ff Ft kid ddc f dc kkgf d f g f few SD kJ ff hug d d m d d f j y case f g gg twat f f gvgvs iv r GC tvhd b TVs GC ghggvvvvvttvv f g frfgcv f g g f f GC tv v vt b v jk big gg was GC vf G to see does that for CfcBoxOffice bc bcc g vcvf vvvf Nov s has f g gggs c c fun g d h G cv f g g fcs cd bgtvvtv tc D to try tv GC ggvhy f sc f GC tv GC has by GC C to F fvghfgyft g g g g g g g g ff rrdchgggv is f g r f g g f fbfvgvr fff c f chive dc Dec f GC e vf GC Greco now I jvcytfuyb hg GC vty vg cd No to t bud butc jr bt itv jjvff f f v c c GC f tv ffbvgvbkbg cdbv Bob g c HH f it dfsvf v h HH b blog chj HH BFF Youngbloods was vhngvbynv g fun vgb vg vgn He h great v v vg g vg cgm ty can I vg gh fun fj tv game thwas has tv fab tm g on dc Yuen Hogg burn II vf Gibbs has a great night filled with lovely people v c c cv V cv c c cuff f

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Celebrity Cruises
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Celebrity Eclipse
Northern Europe

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June 2017
Wedding anniversary

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