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Celebrity Cruises
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Celebrity Eclipse

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May, 2022
56 - 65
Wedding anniversary
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Ate mainly in the main restaurant and buffet (now not self service and veeeeery slow) With two Speciality restaurant meals, won't ever go back to Tuscan Grille.
Entertainment good on the whole, Guest Speaker absolutely excellent.
Shore Excursions:
..... Err, can I say Pants!?
Bar staff running around trying to do 3 peoples jobs are absolute heroes, and the waiters in the main restaurant desperate for your 5* feedback so they can keep their jobs and feed their families back home are like puppies... so eager to please.
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Onboard Activities:
Some nice activities... the usual.
Usual, well looked after decent size.
This was to be our trip of a lifetime Rocky Mountaineer and Cruise, but it has left us disappointed and disillusioned, as it appears despite over 2 years to prepare, Airlines, Trains and Cruiselines are running around like headless chickens trying to return to some degree of normalcy.As this is a cruise review, I won't detail the poor Westjet flight upgrade, the 'no show' airport transfers, the cancelled helicopter trip amongst others, and the out of pocket expenses that we are still awaiting reimbursement for 40 days later, the cold and swimming in fat meal on our 'upgraded to gold' Rocky Mountaineer with the disgusting and smelly Kamloops hotel stay that made us both gag, and the resultant hour long queue debacle luggage retreival........The day before our cruise embarcation we did the traumatic video 'Observed Test' on our phones connecting back to the UK (which was a trial in itself) thank goodness we are 'Tech' savvy with high tech phones!Arrived at the pier well on time within our 1hr allocated slot, and stood in a queue for 2 hours and 45 minutes......Yep, you read that right.... no explanations, no seats, no water etc etc..... (so much for Elite Guest early boarding!) before being Fingerprinted, Passport checked, ETA checked, ESTA checked, searched and scanned etc. before actually boarding. (no welcome onboard bubbly now - that's gone out the window!)Got to our stateroom after several propositions trying to sell us Spa, Speciality dining, Photo packages etc. to find our fridge full of drinks that we did not order or want, with the price list.... the room Steward was reluctant to remove these and only did so on day 3 after I took them out from the fridge and put on a tray with a note!All our Port times were shortened due to the ship having 'Barnacles on her bottom' which slowed her down, resulting in cancelled shore trips, and you can guess what other troubles........ we didn't even bother to try and get off in the TWO HOURS allocated to Sitka (the $100 dollar compensation didn't even pay for the very disappointing meal in Tuscan Grille)Everything seems to be being 'cheapened down', and geared to pushing you to spend more on extras and upgrades.... they've lost a lot of money over the last couple of years and are very obviously desperate to recoup it.....On the £1000 upgraded flight home, Westjet seated my wife and I seperately next to a stranger!We spent over 14 Grand on this trip, and my wife has said "Never again"Oh, and the next morning after the cruise my wife tested Positive for Covid, and I got it 2 days later!!!Read into that whatever you like regarding 'Its now safe to cruise' despite my wife being extremely careful not touching handrails, lift buttons hand sanitising etc etc. with me having shielded for the last two and a half years due to COPD and Heart problems.Scenery was absolutely FANTASTIC.
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