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We have cruised a few times with Celebrity and one time with Royal Caribbean. We are limited with our cruises because was take an older relative who will only go from Southampton. We have never had a bad cruise and on one occasion, celebrated the elders 80th birthday and on another cruise, we celebrated our daughters 21st and our sons 18th. We were in St Petersburg for this and it was a memorable time. By daughter joined the military shortly after and we have not been able to have a family cruise together since, so another cruise is long overdue. We have so many memories of different places and for me, Monte Carlo and Florence were my favourites. We have sailed during August and then again in October. It would be lovely to do a Transatlantic cruise but until such times as when our relative doesnt want to come with us, anything, other than a Southampton departure is not likely to happen. Cruising to us was a great way to visit so many different countries, but more importantly to spend time with the family. Time is precious and before you know it, they have flown the nest, so making memories like we have, well, you cant beat it. We have met some lovely people from around the world and been made to feel welcome in all the countries we have visited. My advice to anyone who is considering a cruise? Do it....you wont want to go on a land based holiday again. I think, for us the thing we found unbelievable is the check in prior to boarding. Couldnt be any easier, very smooth and before you know it, you are on the way up to be greeted by the lovely staff on the cruises. The fact that security checks is so thorough, gave us peace of mind. Our stateroom attendants will do anything to make your stay as lovely as possible. Dont start me on the food....you can eat in so many different restaurants, eat all day, all night if you want. My son was only about 10 when we first started cruising and was such a fussy eater. The staff went out of their way to encourage him with different dishes and now at nearly 21, he eats most things and on a cruise, there is nothing he wont try. We were always able to find spaces around the pool as well, shelter for my daughter, who is very pale and if we wanted to get out of the sun, a quiet place where a welcome restbite from the weather with a good book is always accessible. Its hard to believe so many people are on the cruise, because I never felt cramped. Great evening entertainment, the shows were really good. My husband used to save up a bit of spending money all year before we went away and we would have fun in the casino. On occasions, we won enough to pay for some excursions which were always good. I won a superb watch which I have since given to my daughter when she passed out after her basic training, so again, the memories go on.

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August 2017
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