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  • PARKER, FAREHAM - Commented on this review

    I am now 66, until I retired worked all my life in shipbuilding and repair a very strenuous job,what do you suggest that we are all put down when you get to a certain age?or do we carry on living and enjoying our selfs because we certainly have worked for it.You one day will eat your words because no matter how flash and young you think you are,you are going to get there,in fact to a 20 year old your a old man already. I myself mix with people of all ages and enjoy myself, one day you will realise your as old as you fill.

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    • dover, dover Commented on a comment by PARKER (27 Jun 10 13:35)

      Well said parker ,i am 70 couldnt afford cruises when i was young bringing up kids ectr ,now enjoying life to the full ,roberts remember every day you are a day older ,believe me the years flash by .

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  • John, Ryde - Commented on this review

    Just wasted time responding to this review and then being faced with the you have read so may reviews in the last few days, now we neeed to verify your details page. Outcome review is lost. So, if you write a review save it before sending it. The crazy thing is that on opening the forum section I was identified , yet they still have the verification request.

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  • morris, st columb - Commented on this review

    What an obnoxious person you seem to be !!!! You too will reach the ripe old age of 55 one day ...there are obviously more of the older generation cruising during term time as the younger people tend to have families so holiday during July and August....think about it before you start slagging off people of your parents generation!!!!.. We too have just returned from Eclipse, we were also on Deck 7 and had a most peaceful 14 days and nights....no excessive toilet flushing...(neither of us is hard of hearing)....your powers of observation are obviously lacking as there are indeed 'bar stool' type seats on the starboard side of the Ocean View restaurant... My partner and I are in our early sixties ...and will post our own review when the unpacking and washing has been done !!

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  • Butler, SOUTHAMPTON - Commented on this review

    Where were you youngsters each evening, the Quaser was empty all the time, as over 60s we did go in and we had a good time. I think the Ocean Village is more your style you obviously don,t appreciate class as season cruisers we found plenty for all ages.

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    • Smith, Bedworth Commented on a comment by Butler (27 Jun 10 15:50)

      Read again what they say. They admit to being 45ish, which probably means nearer 50. This person is going through a mid-life crisis and desperately wants to see themselves as not being part of the generation they see in front of them. Sad, really.

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      • Roberts, Hythe Commented on a comment by Smith (28 Jun 10 23:03)

        I take it from your comments that all of you therefore would be quite happy to be on a cruise ship populated mainly by families with young children, teenagers etc? Odd that there is an advertisement appearing next to this very review for child free cruises !!! Obviously some people are indeed ageist !!!! I apologise for any offence caused by the review, but the age factor did surprise me most about the ship, having previously been thinking that the average age on the ship would be nearer to my own only to find it was so much higher. I certainly do not consider myself young at all, and most certainly do not pretend to be particularly young and sprightly myself.

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  • Roberts, Hythe - Commented on this review

    I thought I would get a barrage of comments and I wasn`t disappointed !!!Just as I was saying, I was sure that this would be the perfect cruise for anyone over 55, and judging by the comments, you all agreed. All I am doing is warning those not yet of this age, that this might not be the ship for them ! (but it might still be !) if you are over 55 though, this would be the perfect cruise, and may i wish you all well on your next one !!! Indeed, in 20 years time I too will probably be back on the Eclipse again !

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    • morris, st columb Commented on a comment by Roberts (27 Jun 10 16:48)

      I think the 'barrage of comments' to you were because of your rudeness about the older generation and i don't think it is something to be proud of ....presumably you don't say these things face to face to people older than you ?? We all appreciate fair comment about the ships and the service available on them and, yes, the age range of the passengers.... but there is no need to be rude....grow up !!!!

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      • Riley, Wakefield Commented on a comment by morris (28 Jun 10 20:29)

        Well said, couldn't agree more, lets hope he's lucky enough to grow old. When I send a review about a cruise that is what it is about, not the passengers, we have met lots of people, same age as us and younger and all have been great, still keep in touch with them too, via email, so you see we are just as with it as you Roberts. I am with you morris, he should grow up, if that is possible.

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