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  • Taylor, Loughborough - Commented on this review

    All fur coat and no knickers? Is that a scouse expression? Anyway, congratulations on your review - very well written and informative, and I agree with you about the speciality restaurants.

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    • Stewart, LIVERPOOL Commented on a comment by Taylor (08 May 10 15:11)

      Thanks for your kind comments, it is indeed a scouse expression, it basically means something that appears dressed up to the nines but beneath the surface has not the substance to back up its outer claims to gradeur, and I thought it very appropraite to my experience of this ship.

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      • Stratford, COPTHORNE Commented on a comment by Stewart (10 May 10 18:42)

        I also agree with your comments about the restaurants and the entertainment, I was on Eclipse last week and thought the entertainment very hit and miss, what I think they need is a cabaret venue, a lot of the time we just stumbled upon the entertainment in the most unexpected places some of it was very good the Big Band in particular, although they only appeared once and the A Cappella group Sound Decision were great but they both needed a proper stage, Frontliners were OK but got bored with them after 4 nights. Overall we enjoyed our cruise but have to say it was just a little dissapointing after all the hype on this site, maybe we expected too much!

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        • Herrod, Mansfield Commented on a comment by Stratford (10 May 10 20:26)

          Hi I think it is a bit early to comment on the ships performance after 4 nights I am going on the ship in September for 18 nights I should hope the teething problems have been sorted out I have cruised on all the major brands and find Celebrity the best so I hope I shall not be disappointed .

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          • Depasquale, sliema Commented on a comment by Herrod (11 May 10 05:33)

            We were on the Naming Ceremony and I was impressed how well trained the crew were - and remember they had just returned from the Rescue Operation which must have been very stressful and tiring for them. It was my first Celebrity cruise so I am definitely not a cheer leader. It's useless commenting on the Speciality Restaurants as all new ships have them. However, we had absolutely nothing to complain about in the MDR. We couldn't fault the food, service or ambience. Many ships have areas reserved for the higher end cruisers - eg NCL have the Garden Villa's and the Courtyard, MSC have the Yacht Club . I suppose it's the trend nowadays. I don't think Celebrity have followed that course yet. We don't normally take part in 'entertainment' during the day so didn't miss the Cruise Director.

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          • abbott, Weymouth Commented on a comment by Stewart (22 Jun 15 08:04)

            Errr Hmmm, we use that expression in Darzet too!

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        • Wilcox, WOODHALL SPA Commented on a comment by Taylor (11 May 10 14:52)

          The comment fur coat and no knickers is actually a very well used phrase in Scotland where I originally hailed from and as stated is does mean that they are wearing the fur coat, but could not afford the rest of the required clothing to be the part!! or felt that they were better than everybody else.

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  • M, Alloa - Commented on this review

    I have a few questions/issues here. You awarded 2 stars for Entertainment yet your own words were "(although the shows were one of the few impressive highlights of the whole cruise)" Two stars and impressive don't quite gel!!! You awarded Quality of Food two stars again yet never once did you complain about the quality of the food in your review? Your complaint was rather about specialty restaurants leeching all of the 'good' staff from the MDRs. Hardly! The staff for specialty dining venues are possibly more experienced than MDR staff and that is one of the things you pay for when you elect to eat in these venues! It does not necessarily imply that MDR waiting staff are rubbish! You state that the standard food fare dips below the levels we are used to because of the specialised eateries but I personally certainly didn't find this to be the case. I ate dinner in the MDR and it was excellent, Filet Mignon and Chateaubriand steak which were excellent and cooked exactly as I asked for them! A plentiful variety for all courses and all beautifully presented! I am completely intrigued to learn which cruise lines you have sailed with before in your 1-2 cruises? Daily updates from the Captain? Do you genuinely believe that the Captain actually writes the daily newsletters? In cabin IT Entertainment systems too ambitious??? Please elaborate? Personally I found a bit of playing around soon found a lot of what was on offer - Celebrity are not to blame for me being too idle to read their instructions! This is state of the art equipment but does that mean it isn't good? Hardly! In my own case my on lack of knowledge was what showed! I certainly did not experience any malfunction of the system, just my own I’m afraid but had I been on a longer cruise, I would have made a point of finding out how everything worked! On this short cruise however I did glean enough knowledge to enable us to watch TV, news and a film and order room service! Failing that there was always that old faithful standby, the telephone! No chance to meet the Captain on formal night??? I too have met the Ships’ Captain on numerous occasions at the photo opportunity on formal nights and I can honestly say it hasn't exactly been the highlight in my social calendar! “Hello” isn’t exactly scintillating conversation! Did you go to any other activities other than the show where you may have had the opportunity to see the Cruise Director? Cruise Directors tend to be ubiquitous so for me if they do not appear in every venue on board it is truly a pleasure! On a ship the size of Eclipse , I wouldn’t expect to see him/her frequently at all! No Midnight Buffet? I wouldn't expect one on a 4 night cruise and the Buffet is open 24 hours I believe, and room service is also available! Where Midnight Buffets were once a nightly occurrence, this tradition has long gone and indeed one is quite fortunate to experience it once during a 10 night cruise. On a personal note, I only ever visited the Midnight Buffet to take pictures anyway! I didn't actually visit the bar but would lament the loss of the Cocktail of the Day! No parties? The only parties I have ever been to on board are those thrown by friends or specialist groups - the logistics of having parties on a ship which carries 2800 people is mind blowing! Two stars for staff – a poor award but you have not explained why? Did you receive poor service? You stated “they were all as you'd expect professional, friendly and attentive, but for some reason there just didn't seem to be that genuine feeling of warmth that makes you feel special on these trips.” This is a broad brush approach and not one I understand!!! You do appear to totally contradict yourself! Did you actually attend any of the Onboard Activities and were they so grim that you awarded them 1 star? You didn’t actually say! In conclusion, while I appreciate you taking time out to write your 'review' I personally am having a problem finding out what you were actually reviewing! I found it more to be a somewhat personal rant concerning social classes!!! Factual information on your cruise is rather sadly lacking IMO. The type of cruise experience you describe would appear to come from the 1920s and I can only assume your opinions must have come from reading about cruises in the 30s and 40s because of course you are much too young to have actually experienced them!

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    • Radford, Newton le Willows Commented on a comment by M (08 May 10 08:03)

      The gentleman is entitled to his opinion, you sound very patronising and may I say somewhat bitter in your response.

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      • harrod, kings lynn Commented on a comment by Radford (08 May 10 09:01)

        Hear, hear,i found a alloa,s review very biased, to how good he thought the ship was, as you say every ones tastes are different.

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