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  • lowden, sunderland - Commented on this review

    Well Cass,quite a review,Honest,open,and imformative,We love Eclipse,and are on Her next October,I can understand some of the points you have raised,and also hope Celebrity take note.(though they and other lines probably wont) Is it any wonder that 6* cruises are more popular than ever? I also like the idea of using the crepe station as a different venue,well done you! Its nice getting an honest review without making it sound like a moan. Thanks again.

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  • Castley, Portsmouth - Commented on this review

    Excellent review, thank you. We were on the Equinox in October and completely agree about the bars, especially the Martini bar. I do not agree with giving away free drinks packages, people just drink for the sake of it and its ruining the service. And don't get me started on formal nights, they MUST start to enforce dress codes. Its very disappointing to those who like to dress up, again just looks like falling standards.

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    • Bees, PLYMOUTH Commented on a comment by Castley (03 Jan 15 09:27)

      My wife and I were on Equinox sailing from Barcelona on 2nd October and I find myself disagreeing on a number points.The martini bar has always been fairly busy and was on this occasion, but not overly busy. I can't agree either that people drink for the sake of it if they have a drinks package. This was our first cruise with a drinks package and we generally had one or two drinks more than normal, but certainly knew when had had enough and I think the majority of people wrre the same. Formal nights were reasonably well respected by cruisers, much better than when on the Equinox in the Carribean several years ago. I do agree this should be enforced more, but respect people's wish to not dress up. However, they should be prevented from using the main restaurants. Looking forward to the Silhouette from Rome in September.

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  • Brownlee, Lisburn - Commented on this review

    Let's get this clear - there is NO free drinks package, No free gratuities, No free gratuities or OBC - To me it is all simply PREPAID !! Try comparing cruise only prices where the 1,2,3 is not offered. As a "Brit" I am also fed up now of being ripped off by RCCI / Celebrity - as has been commented on here our American cousins get their cruises for a fraction of our price. Having for years now been an Elite member and thoroughly enjoyed the most of our cruises things are really changing and not for the better. Again, what is the point of Formal nights - nothing ! Some thing putting a shirt on is dressing for dinner! What is the point of the Elite lounge - no point if you have a drinks package. What is the point of the drinks package if I drink and my wife doesn't. No, Celebrity you used to be something special, now you really are just ordinary and are likely to attract the "wrong" (to me) type of traveller - this is obviously something you as a large corporation are aware of and are encouraging - good luck - I think after 2/3 cruises per year for the last 14 years - enough is enough !

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  • Panther, Bispham, Blackpool - Commented on this review

    I agree with you our last Celebrity Eclipse was on the down hill slope we felt. Food was often luke warm and we struggled to get a drink in the theatre. As you say it was disappointing and we decided to try Azamara which we felt on service and food has the edge over Celebrity. As with all cruises ships I find there is normally some small things that are not right but Celebrity need to pull their socks up.

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    • chaston, ipswich Commented on a comment by Panther (16 Sep 15 15:38)

      They are not free falling quite as quickly as royal Caribbean, they are really losing it.

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  • Whittley, Casares - Commented on this review

    Excellent review Cass. My biggest complaint with our Cruise Line of choice, Celebrity, is the dress code for formal evenings, I just couldn´t agree more with other reviewers that dress standards should be adhered to. So soul destroying to make an effort (especially when folk have bought clothes especially) to find that jeans or polo shirts are allowed on formal nights.

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  • Wilson, Northampton - Commented on this review

    Reported the same things two years ago on cruise to Iceland and Norway but received no comments from company so will not bother with booking with them either again. Going with Princess instead.

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    • Scrivens, Eynsham Commented on a comment by Wilson (05 Jan 15 17:40)

      Funny you should say that, we were on the Eclipse out of Miami 23rd November, lots of pre an post cruise problems. Reported these to customer relations on our return, still awaiting a reply with 28 days up on Wednesday. Shame really as we loved the ship. Regards Bob.

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  • Walsh, Southampton - Commented on this review

    Good review I had a drinks package, a good job too, I don't drink but non alcholic was dearer than alcholic.

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