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Celebrity Eclipse

Overview: This slimline ship is a sister toCelebrity Equinox(2009),Celebrity Reflection(2012),Celebrity Silhouette(2011), andCelebrity Solstice(2008)....

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  • guy, ORMSKIRK - Commented on this review

    Very comprehensive and informative review but I think you will find it is cocktails up to $13 on the premium package which actually covers most drinks anyway. Michaels is now exclusively for suite and zenith passengers only which is a real shame. It was very under used on Silhouette 2 weeks ago...Carol.

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    • Kewn, Liverpool Commented on a comment by guy (11 Jun 14 21:59)

      Hi thanks for your comments but it is $15 as martinis as thet are $14 each now in the martini bar and all included in the package. Only cheaper in happy hour. And we also ordered wine at $17 a glass and paid extra $4 for the 2 gkasses. On board we even had a list in the cabin what price drinksincluded in premium oackage and it advised $15 wine or cocktails.

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      • guy, ORMSKIRK Commented on a comment by Kewn (12 Jun 14 08:04)

        Well there you go:-) I brought back a leaflet from Silhouette as there had been some queries and it is still saying $13, maybe it is old literature . As long as they are included in the package I am happy!..Carol.

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        • Kewn, Liverpool Commented on a comment by guy (18 Jun 14 18:32)

          Hi Guy i think you are right about some of the info and leaflets being out of date over premuim package drinks as we had read on web site before we went and under impression it was not $15 but around $13 or $14 ceiling. We upgraded as soon as we got on board and were surprised when we found this leaflet in the cabin advising it was $15 limit for wine/cocktails - i am sure last time we were on this ship cocktails were no were near $14.00 each before gratuity.

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        • DINNING, LITTLE NESTON Commented on a comment by guy (23 Jun 14 22:38)

          Hi can I just add last year in the martini bar on the Eqinox a martini flight was $15 . I was looking forward to them on the Eclipse, but even with a premium drinks package I begrudged the new inflated $20 charge.They are fun to watch as they mix pour and entertain you as they make these on the Equinox.The martini bar on the Eclipse was fat in comparison--and good grief who chooses the music !!more suited to a kids pub.

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  • Que Sera, TAUNTON - Commented on this review

    Good God! With respect you should watching your health, if you are not alchies already!

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  • Allen, Fraserburgh - Commented on this review

    I really enjoyed your review, thanks. We are doing this cruise in July and as it will be our first time with celebrity was very interested to hear about your experiences. I am getting a little worried that we maybe over dressed in the evenings do people make the effort on formal nights my husband is a scot so he tends to wear his kilt. We all love dressing up so even on the casual nights would still wear a dress. We are travelling in the school holidays as we have two teens so hoping the clientele will be of a slightly lower age (for their sakes!) we tend to do our own thing so it doesn't matter a hoot to us. Port info was great and now will be on guard about taxis although if it's a nice day a walk into Sweden will be fine. I have booked tickets for the ballet in st Petersburg so my daughter and I are really looking forward to that and also a trip to the hermitage. Sorry I'll stop now just rambling on as I'm so excited to be going!!!

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    • Smith, Mid Glam Commented on a comment by Allen (14 Jun 14 16:09)

      My husband and I went on Celebrity in March this year on a Carribean cruise and have booked another two cruises on Eclipse and Equinnox next year. We dress up every night, we think this is part of the cruise, a lot of kilts were worn too, which was really nice to see. Some ladies wore sequinned ball gowns on the two formal nights too. Even toddlers and the teenagers wore tuxedos. Everyone made the effort and I hope this will contine. Have a fantastic time.

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    • Kewn, Liverpool Commented on a comment by Allen (18 Jun 14 18:14)

      Hi If we did the same cruise again we would still be dressed up for dinner every night as like you its part of our cruise holiday, and it was the older passengers i thought that would be dressed up dinner that were not on this cruise and younger couples looked well dressed even on casual nights, one young couple we used to see as we sat in the martini bar for pre dinner drink had 2 young daughters with them and every night,even casual all looked really smart and the last formal night, he always looked smart in a nice suit and she wore a long fish tail dress and looked awsome and her daughters had beautiful matching dresses with sparkly tiara's headbands and looked really fab as a family, showing how it should be done on formal nights and in my opinion put a lot of the older passengers to shame.

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  • Knowles, Matlock - Commented on this review

    We were on the same sailing and could not agree more about your dress code comment, part of our holiday is to get dressed up, tee shirts and cut offs do not seem appropriate in a restaurant. On the last evening we dined in the Tuscan Grill and a gentleman even sat with his baseball cap on during his meal, I do think a polite notice on entrance would be appropriate, we sailed on the Eclipse last year & the dress code has dropped even further, such a shame for a beautiful ship.

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