Potentially Fantastic Cruise but left us disappointed ☹️

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Celebrity Cruises
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Celebrity Constellation
Indian Ocean

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December, 2019
56 - 65

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Ocean View Cafe Food very mediocre to rubbish
Shore Excursions:
Some Excursions advertised did not seem to match port departure times.
The various bar staff were excellent having to work with a shortage to stock down to simple things like coke.
Childrens Activities:
Not known
Onboard Activities:
Disappointed the open air cinema was on deck not served by lift. Mobility issues did not allow me to climb stairs to deck.
Very good excellent service.
We had previous cruised on a Celebrity ship so had high expectations of both the cruise, the facilities and the food.  The cruise itinerary was first rate Singapore to Dubai via Sri Lanka and India.  Overall the facilities were very good my only gripe was the the open air cinema was on a deck with out a lift so due to a mobility could not cross one of my bucket list.  The food on average was just warm, there was no Christmas meal as such they had Father Christmas for them kids but the food was the same as any other day.  My wife took me to one of the special restaurants on Christmas Eve the few customers they had very crammed into one small with them giving that there was other dinners to follow as for the food with the exception of the ice cream desert it was bordering on inedible.  We did eventually get our money back.   If they can get the food right on one of their ships why was another so poor.   They marketed their drinks packages but there wee shortages of some brands from leaving Singapore, the first excuse was they had not received in the bars yet from loading.  By the time we reach Dubai and dock on New Years Eve many drinks even down to Diet Coke were not available.  One question why they could not have stock waiting for the ship docking.   Have said that the staff went out of their way to track down stock from other bars.

Celebrity Cruises did offer extra credit against our next cruise which we have now lost as we had not option but to cancel due to Covid and my health issues.

I have not written anything hear that I have not said directly to Celebrity Cruise.  
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