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Ama Waterways
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MS AmaLegro
River Seine

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July 2014

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Taken aback to find that on coming back on a warm day , could not enjoy a restful experience or view from the cabin if tied up along side another boat
This was our first river cruise and we enjoyed it. All the staff were most pleasant and helpful. Cabins were compact but comfortable. Food and service were both good with dinner being excellent replete with free flowing regional wines. Every day either a walking tour or coach excursion was included. Gliding along a river is very different to the ocean going cruises we are used to as lovely scenery unfolds before your eyes. However compared to a cruise ship facilities are limited - a lovely dining room and a pleasant lounge plus a large deck area and that's it. Whilst we will go again, I have two reservations. Firstly, there are approaching 300 boats on the rivers of Europe so wherever you go you will meet other boats. This would not be a problem if they could dock in different places. However they can't. So they tie up 2, 3 or even 4 abreast. If your boat is in the middle, light is taken away so dinner on a sunlit evening can be in the dark, and to get ashore you have to walk through the other boats. Also balconies line up against each other which takes away cabin privacy unless curtains are closed. So no views - and being in the dark during daylight when tied up is not pleasant. Secondly, these cruises cost up TO £3,000 a week and at that price do not compare favourably with e.g., Seabourn which is an infinitely more luxurious experience and where the price includes all drinks and tips.
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