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Cmv Astoria, Voyage R902 British Isles Discovery.

CRUISE & MARITIME VOYAGES / Astoria / British Isles

on 7th Apr 2019, by

MV Astoria, Voyage R902 British Isles Discovery 23rd March to 3rd April 2019 Our first time on Astoria and our first time sailing from Poole. The Astoria was delayed arriving at Poole so...

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Msc Bellisima Nice New Ship, Just Too Many People.

MSC CRUISES / MSC Bellissima / Mediterranean

on 7th Apr 2019, by

We decided to cruise on MSC Bellisima because it was a new ship and we wanted to see a really large ship bigger than any we had cruised on before. The embarkation was very quick and smooth and we...

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Cruising, My Favourite Holiday, But.............

P&O CRUISES / Britannia / Europe

on 7th Apr 2019, by

I absolutely love cruising and have completed 20+ cruises with various companies, this one being my fifth with p&o but my first ( and last with brittannia ) the first problem was the lifts, either...

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What? No Cards On The Brexura?

P&O CRUISES / Ventura / Mediterranean

on 7th Apr 2019, by

This was our umpteenth cruise with P&O, departing Soton on the 24th March, going as far as Cartagena, and returning on 5th April to Soton. We should have been cruising on Brexit day, but the...

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My First Cruise.

CARNIVAL CRUISE LINE / Carnival Breeze / Caribbean

on 7th Apr 2019, by

Last February I embarked on the Carnival Breeze for my first cruise with my family. I didnt know what to expect and I was genuinely afraid I would have got bored after a few days, but I was wrong....

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Rip Off Photos.

P&O CRUISES / Britannia / Europe

on 7th Apr 2019, by

Don't book an appointment for a group photo they are a complete rip off. PAID 48 deposit, then they expect us to pay 260 for the photos for one evening. Or 30 per photo. At no point do they tell...

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Carnival Sunshine.

CARNIVAL CRUISE LINE / Carnival Sunshine / Caribbean

on 6th Apr 2019, by

Absolutely fantastic ship and staff! So many activities on board every day evn when docked. Food was always amazing in the main restaurant but plenty of choice in other on board restaurants....

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Britannis - Caribbean.

P&O CRUISES / Britannia / Caribbean

on 6th Apr 2019, by

First time Britannia cruisers. Any concerns we had before boarding the ship were soon allayed. It managed to handle the 3,500 passengers comfortably - plenty of space both inside and on the open...

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Mostly Impressed.


on 6th Apr 2019, by

This was a fantastic cruise seeing a part of the World we had never been to before. We boarded the ship in Langkawi so got 2 days in Bangkok. The 1st day we took a 12 hour tour of Bangkok, its a...

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Never Again With This Cruise Company.

MSC CRUISES / MSC Magnifica / Mediterranean

on 6th Apr 2019, by

Just before the cruise my wife had an accident which meant she was temporary on crutches in fact the best part of this cruise was the check in where within minutes a wheelchair was procured & after...

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Holland & France - P&o Britannia 29th March 2019.

P&O CRUISES / Britannia / Europe

on 6th Apr 2019, by

Cruise Review P&O Britannia 29th March 2019 Having previously spent a few hours visiting the Britannia I was disappointed at how it was not what I had been used to in terms of cruise ships,...

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Costas Downfalls.

COSTA CRUISES / Costa Mediterranea / Middle East

on 5th Apr 2019, by

Chose this ship after researching places to visit and price to pay. Unfortunately it goes without saying, (you get what you pay for) and this is a shambolic run vessel in a fleet which could not...

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Feeling Let Down On Board The Columbus.

CRUISE & MARITIME VOYAGES / Columbus / World Cruise

on 5th Apr 2019, by

Just returned from being on Cruise Maritime - Columbus. As part of the round the world trip from Tilbury, We embarked at Hong Kong. What a farce, its was not funny either. Absolute nightmare of a...

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Cruising It’s A Brave New World.

P&O CRUISES / Oceana / Mediterranean

on 5th Apr 2019, by

Did a amazing p&o cruise from Malta to Venice last year One of the best experiences we have ever done Pleople who knock cruising have never been I have traveled the world in the past and now...

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Farewell To An Old Friend.

P&O CRUISES / Oriana / Mediterranean

on 4th Apr 2019, by

Having sailed on Oriana many times over the years we persuaded our regular cruising friends (Ventura fans) to join us on Oriana before it leaves the fleet. Future cruises booked are on Arcadia,...

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On Board The P&o Aurora To See The Aurora Borealis.

P&O CRUISES / Aurora / Norwegian Fjords

on 4th Apr 2019, by

WE decided on this Cruise ,after we had experienced a ship visit on this ship last year and was rather surprised just how cosy and friendly that experience was. During that visit we had...

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P&o Britannia Transatlantic Cruise - March 2019.

P&O CRUISES / Britannia / Transatlantic

on 4th Apr 2019, by

Arrangements; TUI flights good with free drinks, straight to ship but cases did not arrive at cabin til gone 9pm that meant we missed most of the entertainment and restaurant meal (went buffet)....

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Carnival Magic!

CARNIVAL CRUISE LINE / Carnival Magic / Caribbean

on 4th Apr 2019, by

My son took us on our first cruise when we visited him for our 45th wedding anniversary, from start to finish it was a magical trip, and we would highly recommend it to any and all who have never...

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Britannia Repositioning Cruise March 2019.

P&O CRUISES / Britannia / Caribbean

on 3rd Apr 2019, by

Our first Caribbean cruise (been on Britannia 2 times previous to this cruise) and we were on the repositioning back to the UK on March 15th. Dreamliner flight with Tui was ok, in the economy,...

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Azura Caribbean Transatlantic.

P&O CRUISES / Azura / Transatlantic

on 3rd Apr 2019, by

Azura Fly-Cruise Barbados/Caribbean to Southampton March 9th 22nd, 2019 More sea-days than port stays, but that suits me perfectly. Flew into Barbados, coach from aircraft steps to dockside,...

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