Pullmantur Terms and Conditions



These General Terms are included m the informative document

entitled programme/catalogue. The programme/offer is the description of the combined

trip which, along with the programme / catalogue, constitute

the object of the contract. The information on the

programme/offer contained in the programme/catalogue

is binding for the organiser or retailer unless any of the

following Circumstances arises: a) Changes to the information

have been clearly clarified in Writing

and conveyed to the consumer prior to signing the contract

and that such a possibility has been expressly mentioned

in the programme/offer. b) There are modifications at a

later date, subject to written agreement between the

contractual parties.



The organisation of the combined cruise trips has been

carried out by PULLMANTUR CRUISES, S. L. wholesale and

retail travel agent VAT Reg. No. B-84581701, registered

at Mahonia, 2, 28043 Madrid and Licence CICMA-1876.

The organisation of the tours has been prepared by

PULLMANTUR S.A. wholesale travel agent VAT Reg. No.

A-28/261337, registered at Mahonia, 2, 26043 Madrid and

Licence CICMA 1.



2.1. The price of the combined trip includes

1. Transport for the outward and homeward bound journeys

when this service is included in the programme/offer hired

outlining the type of transport, characteristics and category

as featured m the contract or in the documentation

submitted to the consumer upon signing it.

2. The accommodation, when this service is included in the

programme/offer hired, in the establishment and with the

board type featured in the contract or in the documentation

submitted to the consumer.

3. Technical support during the trip when this service is

specifically included in the programme/offer hired.

4. All other services and complements specified specifically

in the programme/offer hired or which is expressly

stated in the contract or in the documentation submitted

to the consumer.

5. In the tours, according to the board type of specified in

the tour, whilst half-board is considered as being breakfast

(continental), lunch or dinner and accommodation. It is

understood that the meals shall always be served to the

entire group as a whole and at the time previously arranged

as a set menu. Rooms with private bathroom or shower

in the hotels indicated or similar.

2.2. Price review

The price of the combined trip has been calculated based

on exchange rates, transport prices, fuel prices and applicable

taxes and levies when the catalogue was published.

Any variation in the price of the aforementioned elements

could entail a final trip price review, both with an increase

or decrease, strictly applicable to the amounts of the price

variations referred to.

The consumer shall be informed of these modifications

using any means which enable obtaining proof of the

notification made. Under no circumstances will a price

Increase be made in the twenty days prior to the date of

the departure, regarding the already made requests

2.3. Special offers

When a combined trip has been reserved in response to

special offers, last minute offers or Similar, for a different

price to the one featured in the programme/catalogue, the

services Included in the price are only those specified In

detail in the offer, even when this offer refers to one of the

programmes described in this catalogue provided that said

reference is made exclusively for the purposes of general

information on the destination.

2.4. Exclusions

2.4.1. The package price does not include; visas, airport

and port charges and/or entry and departure taxes to and

from the country, tounst fees for accommodation, excess

luggage, vaccination certificates, "extras" such as coffee,

wine, spirits, mineral water, special meal arrangements

-not even in the cases of full or half board unless expressly

agreed to- washing and ironing of clothes, optional hotel

services and, in general, any other service which is not

expressly featured in the section "The price of the combined

trip includes" or is not specifically described in the

programme/offer in the contract or in the documentation

submitted to the consumer.

2.4.2. The excursions or tours not reserved at point of

origin do not form part of the combined trip contract. Their

publication in the catalogue is merely of an informative

nature. These excursions shall be offered to the consumer

independently w1th thm specific conditions and final price,

whilst fulfilment of these is not guaranteed until hired.

2.4 3. Administration and service fee the cruise price does

not Include the Administration and service fee. This charge

will be paid by passengers directly on board together with

the other on board expenses. The administration and

service fee is for the crew that on a daily basis takes care

of all passengers during their stay on board.


Cruises and the Caribbean. During the registration process,

the Agency could request a deposit which under no circumstances

shall exceed 40% of the total price of the trip,

Issuing the corresponding receipt in which it is specified,

in addition to the deposit by the consumer, the combined

trip requested.

The remaining amount must be paid with the handover of

the trip vouchers or documentation which must be done at

least seven days prior to the departure date.

Tours When reserving the trip, a deposit for ten percent

(10%) of the total cost of the trip shall be required. The

remaining amount must be paid a minimum of 20 days prior

to the departure date.

Acceptance of reservations by the organisers shall be

subject to the availabilty  of spaces and completed w1th

the subsequent s1gnmg of the contract when the organisers

issues confirmation Insurance premiums and the administration

costs for modifications, of reservation transfers,

where applicable, cannot be reimbursed.

In the case of special offers, payment must be made in

accordance With the stipulations of said offer.

Non·payment of the aforementioned amounts according to

the agreed dates shall constitute a determining breach of

the contract agreement and shall entail the application of

the penalties featured in the following section

All reimbursements applicable to any concept whatsoever

shall be noted in the same way as when paying for the

package with no reimbursements for any of the services

not used voluntarily by the user.





The consumer and user can, at any time, leave without

effect the services requested or hired being entitled to

a reimbursement for the quantities paid, however he/she

must compensate the organiser according to the amounts

indicated below:

For this purpose, and given that the trips contained in this

catalogue are subject to special contract conditions, the

administration and cancellation costs shall be as follows:


For cancellations made more than 30 days prior to the

departure date administration expenses shall be applied

for the amount of Euro50 per person, if made more than 7

days this is to be counted from the reservation confirmation


For cancellations made more than 15 days and less than

31 days prior to the trip start date 33% of the reservation

total (except taxes) shall be applied.

For cancellations made more than 7 and less than 16 days

prior to the departure date 67% of the reservation total

shall be applied (except taxes).

Cancellations made withm the 7 days prior to the departure

shall have 100% of the reservation total applied

(except taxes).

Caribbean. Flight and hotel stays

For cancellations less than 31 days prior to the departure


- The cancellation costs of the part corresponding to the

hotel part if there were any.

- 50% of the flight reservation when the cancellation

is made more than 9 days and less than 31 days prior to

the departure

- 100% of the flight reservation when the cancellation is

made within the 9 days prior to the departure.

Coach trips

A) Cancellations made between 12 to 10 days prior to the

trip start date have 10% of the tour amount applied by way

of cancellation fees.

B) Cancellations made between 9 to 5 days before the trip

start date have 25% of the tour amount applied by way of

cancellation fees.

C) Cancellations made between 4 to 3 days prior to the trip

start date shall have 40% of the tour amount applied by

way of cancellation fees.

D) Cancellations made up to 2 days or 1 day before the trip

start date have 50% of the tour amount applied by way of

cancellation fees.

E) if the passenger fails to appear 100% of the total

amount of the tour shall be applied by way of cancellation


Hotel reservations

A) Cancellations made up to 7 days before the start of

services date sha ll have 25% of the total amount of the

reservation applied by way of cancellation lees.

B) if the passenger falls to appear 100% of the total

amount of the reservatiOn shall be applied by way of

cancellation fees.


The user of the package may transfer his/her reservation

to a third person. Such a transfer must be made in writing

15 days prior to the trip start date unless the parties were

to agree to a shorter period.

The assignee shall have to meet the same requirements as

the assignor, those required in general for the combmed

trip and both shall Jointly respond to the organiser for the

payment of the trip price and additional expenses resulting

from the transfer.

In the cases where the organiser determines, and where

expressly stated as such, the feasibility of the combined

trip offer which requires a mimmum of participants and, as

a result of this number not being reached, the trip is cancelled,

the user shall have the right exclusively to the reimbursement

of the total price or the deposits made without

being able to make any compensation claim provided that

he/she has been notified in writing with a mimmum of ten

days' notice prior to the Intended trip start date.


The organiser undertakes to provide its customers with all

the services hired as contained in the programme/catalogue,

which are the source of the combined trip contract,

with the conditions and charactenstics stipulated, all of

which is in accordance with the following assumptions:

a) On the assumption that prior to the trip departure the

organiser feels duty bound to significantly modify any

essential element in the contract, he/she must immediately

inform the consumer.

b) In this event, and unless otherwise agreed by the

parties, the consumer could opt to cancel the contract

Without any penalty being applied, or accept a modification

to the contract in which the variations are specified

and their effect on the price. The consumer must notify

the organiser of h1s/her decision Within the three days

following notification of the modification as referred to m

section a). In the event that the consumer does not notify

his/her decision according to the indicated deadlines it

shall be assumed that he/she is opting for the cancellation

of the contract Without any penalty being applicable. c)

In the event that the consumer opts for cancelling the

contract, under the auspices of the stipulations in section

b), or that the organiser cancels the combined trip prior

to the agreed departure date for any reason which cannot

be attributed to the consumer, the latter shall be entitled,

from the moment m which the contract is cancelled, to

be reimbursed with all the amounts paid, in accordance

with the same, or to undertake another combined trip

equivalent in nature or higher, provided that the organiser

can suggest such a proposal. In the event that the trip

offered were to be of an inferi or quality, the organiser

must reimburse the consumer, where applicable, according

to the quantities already paid, with the price difference

according to the contract. In any case, the consumer could

demand the reimbursement of the quantities paid to the

agency as paid by him/her which must be reimbursed to

him/her as soon as possible, and in any case, within a

maximum period of 30 days as from the Withdrawal. d)

According to the above assumptions, the organiser and the

retailer shall be responsible for paying the consumer the

compensation which, where appropriate, corresponds to

breach of contract which shall be 5 percent of the total trip

price hired. if the aforementioned breach occurs between

two months and fifteen days prior to the planned date of

the trip; 10 percent. if occurring between fifteen days and

three days beforehand, and 25 percent in the event that

the breach occurs forty eight hours beforehand.

e) There shall be no obligation to pay compensation in the

following circumstances:

1. When the cancellation is due to the amount of passengers

registered for the combined trip being less than the

minimum required and, as such, the consumer is Informed

in writing prior to the deadline stipulated for this purpose

in the contract which, as a minimum, shall be 10 days prior

to the planned trip start date.

2. When the cancellation of the trip, unless in the event

of excess reservations, is the result of force majeure i.e

circumstances beyond the control of he/she who alleges

them, abnormal and unforeseeable, the consequences of

which could not have been avoided in spite of having acted

With due diligence

f) In the event that, after the trip departure, the organiser

does not provide or ascertams that he/she cannot provide

a large part of the service Included in the contract he

shall adopt suitable solutions for continuing the organised

trip, without any surcharge in the price for the consumer

and, where applicable, shall pay the latter the difference

between the services planned and those provided. If the

consumer continues the trip with the solutions given by

the organiser it shall be considered that he/she tacitly

accepts such proposals.

g) If the solutions adopted by the organiser were not

Viable, or the consumer were not to accept them on

reasonable grounds, the former must provide the latter,

with no surcharge whatsoever, With a means of transport

equivalent to the one used in the trip in order to return

to the departure location or any other that both have

agreed to without prejudice to the compensation which

could be applicable.

h) In the event of a claim, the retailer or, where applicable,

the organiser must proceed with due diligence to find

suitable solutions.

1) Under no circumstances shall anything not included in

the combined trip contract (e.g. transport tickets from the

passenger's place of origin to the place of departure for

the trip or vice versa, hotel reservations on days prior to

or following the trip, etc.) be the organiser's responsibility,

whilst there is no obligation to compensate for these possible

expenses for independent services should the trip be

cancelled for the reasons stipulated in section e).

3. In the case of tours if, by express wish of the customers,

a modification were to be made to the tour, the passengers

would have to be pay for the total expenses incurred by the

requested modification, as well as the costs for services

requested in order to undertake the new route chosen,

whilst remaming undisputed that the decision with regard

to such variations shall be taken by the guide or the vehicle

driver in the event of not having a guide. The Company

accepts no liability for delays, dates brought forward

or cancellations which are caused by the Airlines or the

transport compames whilst the expenses incurred must be

borne by the customers. Coaches used for trips may vary

with regard to their features depending on the number of

participants. The design, structure, comfort and safety of

the transport vehicle shall be adapted to the norms and

standards in force in the destination country for the trip.

The tours are subject to a specific number of participants.

If the tours were not to have the mimmum number of

passengers required, whilst the passenger is notified

with a minimum of ten days prior to the planned trip start

date, or for any other justified reason the organiser were

to be forced to cancel any of the trips, the customers

registered shall not be entitled to anything other than the

total reimbursement of the amount paid whilst expressly

waiving any other claim.

In the event that any of the participants of any group, due

to their conduct and, in the guide's view, were to behave

unsuitably and in a way which obviously annoys the rest

of the participants in the group the guide is entitled to

request that they leave the excursion. Customers who

refuse to use any service mcluded in the programme shall

not be entitled to request a reimbursement for the services

which he/she did not voluntarily use.



The consumer undertakes to notify any breach m the execution

of the contract - preferably "in situ" or, otherwise,

as soon as possible- In writing or in any other way to

ensure that the organiser or retailer, and where applicable,

the provider of the service in question, is informed. In the

event that the solutions adopted by the Agency -organiser

or retailer- were not to be satisfactory for the consumer,

he/she shall have, independently of the content of the

followmg section, one month to make a claim to the retailer

Agency or the orgamser, always via the agency.


Regardless of the provisions of the previous section, the

period for the prescription of the action of submitting

claims shall be two years to be counted as from: I) when

the service in question is enforceable; II) when the service

is provided; or Ill) the date on which the consumer proves

having requested that the orgamser or retailer comply With

any of the obligations agreed to.


6.1. General

The organiser Travel Agency and the retailer shall respond

with regard to the consumer, in accordance with the

obligations corresponding to it within its respective remit

in the management of the trip, for the correct fulfilment

of the obligations contained in the contract, regardl ess of

whether these are to be undertaken by them themselves

or by other service providers and without prejudice to the

right of the organisers and retailers to act against these

service providers. The orgamser declares that he/she

assumes the functions with regard to the organisation and

execution of the !rip.

The combined trip organisers and retailers shall respond to

the damages suffered by the consumer as the result of the

contract not being executed or not being executed in full.

Such liability shall cease when any of the following circumstances


1. The flaws detected in the execution of the contract can

be attributed to the consumer.

2. The flaws can be attributed to a third party outside the

provision of the services featured in the contract and are

of an unforeseeable or insurmountable nature.

3. The flaws referred to are the result of force majeure.

This is understood to refer to circumstances beyond the

control of he/she who all eges them, abnormal and unforeseeable,

the consequences of which could not have been

avoided in spite of having acted With due diligence.

4. The flaws are due to an event which the retailer or,

where applicable, the organiser m spite of having acted

with all the due diligence required, could not foresee or


Nevertheless, on the assumption of accepting no liability

in the event of the circumstances referred to in points 2,

3 and 4 having occurred, the organiser and the retailer,

as parties in the trip contract, shall be forced to provide

the necessary assistance for the consumer who finds him/

herself in difficulty.

8.2 Limits to the compensation for damages

with regard to the compensation limit for damages resulting

from the breach or poor execution of the services

included in the combined trip, the provisions stipulated

in the standard the force for said subject matter shall be

applicable. With regard to non-physical damages these

must always be proved by the consumer.

Under no mcumstances does the agency accept liability

for the expenses for accommodation, food, transport and

other costs incurred due to force majeure. When the trip is

made in hired coaches, vans, limousines or similar

by the agency directly or indirectly, in the event of an accident,

regardless of the country where it occurs, the consumer

shall have to submit the relevant claim against the

transport entity in order to safeguard, where applicable,

the insurance compensation of said entity whilst receiving

free assistance and advice on formalities by the agency.


91. Cruises

9.1.2 General

Information on itineraries, arrival and departure limes,

operation dates, name of the boat, etc. is subject to

possible modifications and any alteration or change shall

be conveyed to the interested party whilst this cannot be

considered as false advertising. According to international

maritime law, when circumstances or causes or force

majeure require or recommend it, shipping companies can

alter the order of the cruise stopovers, cancel any, modify

the time spent in the relevant port. change the boat for

another of a Similar category, etc. Provided that these

changes occur prior to the trip start date, the passenger

shall be Informed, and be entitled to full reimbursement

of the amounts paid, except for administration costs with

no right to any compensation whatsoever Excursions and

tours on land are optional and their cost has not been

included in the pnce of the tri p. Their organisation depends

on local providers beyond the control of the organiser and

the shipping companies As such, they accept no liability

whatsoever for the cance llation, modification or possible'

deficiencies which could anse, as well as for material or

personal damages which either accidentally or unfore seeably

could cause any accident or incident during their

execution. Given the different means of transport used, we

recommend, before hiring them, consulting the insurance

cover mcluded In each case with local compames, who are

the only ones liable lor the organisation and provision of

these services.

The boats have a limited number of cabins equipped for

disabled passengers and not all areas or facilities on

the boats can be accessed by the disabled nor are they

specifically equipped for such passengers. As such, the

reservations for disabled passengers are accepted withm

the limits of said availability and, if required, they are

subject to the presence of a companion who can assist

the disabled person The organ1ser does not accept the

obligation to offer alternative programmes on-board or

on land for disabled passengers, nor does it accept any

liability with regard to the difficulty or the impossibility

for them in making use of the services and activities of

the combined trip.

9.1.3. Passenger obligations.

The passenger is obliged to notify the organiser, when

making the reservation, of any Illnesses or physical or

mental disabilities which could require special assistance

or care. No reservation is accepted lor users whose physical

or mental condition makes their participation in the

cruise impossible or dangerous for them, or for others, or

which require types of care or assistance which cannot be

guaranteed on board the boat.

Given that the boat is not equipped for assisting in pregnancies

and births no reservations are accepted from passengers

who, on the trip finalisation date, are in their 24th

week of pregnancy, or who are at a more advanced stage

of their pregnancy. When boarding, pregnant passengers

must provide a medically approved certificate confirming

the good state of their health and that of the baby, whilst

the foreseen birth date is stated as is the medical aptitude

of the passenger to participate in the trip. The organiser

and the boat accept no liability wh1ch could be derived

during the trip or alter as the consequence of complications

during pregnancy or other related events which

means that pregnant passengers shall board, providing

the aforementioned criteria have been met. under their

entire responsibility.

The passenger must behave in a manner which does not

put the safety, peace and enjoyment of the cruise by

other passengers at risk; the passenger shall adopt the

caution and diligence standards reasonably required and


shall comply with the 

and legal provisions

in relation to the trip.

The passenger is prohibited from taking goods, alcoholic

beverages, live animals, explosives, flammable, toxic or

hazardous substances on board the boat without written

consent from the organiser

The passenger shall be held responsible for damages

suffered by the organiser as the result of a breach of his/

her obligations as described in these conditions, and in

particular, shall respond to any damages incurred by other

passengers and third parties as well as any fines and costs

which, due to them, the organiser is obliged to pay to port.


customs or health 

or any others many country

in which the cruise makes a stopover.

9.1.4. Powers of the Captain.

In accordance with legal provisions and International

Treaties, the Captain is fully authonsed to assist and

tow other boats; divert from the planned route; make

stopovers in any port; transfer passengers and luggage

to another boat, refuse boarding to anyone who, in his

opinion, does not satisfy the required health conditions

for undertaking the cruise; disembark anyone during the

cruise who, in his opinion, is in a condition of health which

does not allow them to contmue the cruise or, in general,

anyone who could represent a hazard for the safety of the

boat or that of the other passengers, as well as those who

perform commefCial activities or any other type of activity

which imply an infringement of the company's policies

with regard to the behaviour of passengers on board. All

passengers shall be subject to the Captain's authority and

especially with regard to anything relating to the safety of

the boat or navigation.

9.1.5. Doctor on board.

If resorting to the services of the doctor on board this is on

a voluntary basis and the cost of the consultations shall be

borne by the passenger. The decisions taken by the doctor

on board With regard to the passenger's aptitude for boarding

or continuing the cruise are binding and Irrefutable.

9.2 Hotels

9.2 I General

The quahty and content of the services provided by the

hotel shall be determined by the official tourist category,

if there were one, assigned by the competent body in the

country in question. The hotel categories in countries

where there is no official body regulating them have been

assigned based on the Internal cntenon of the relevant

hotel chams or by Pullmantur based on its services or


The check-in time in the hotels is planned as from 2.00

pm and check-out at 11.00 am The accommodation service

shall imply that the room is available on the corresponding

might whilst it is understood that it is available regardless

of whether, due to circumstances affecting the trip, the

check-in time takes place later than planned In the event

of wishing to extend the stay alter the check-out lime, customers

shall inform reception and, according to availability,

pay the hotel directly for the amount of the additional stay.

The passenger must consult the Agency when making the

reservation as to the possibility of taking animals since

they are generally not allowed in hotels. In the event of

having confirmation of animals bemg all owed, and the

Intention is to travel with them, such circumstances much

be featured in the contract.

Triple and quadruple rooms: the legislation in force in

this regard states that there are only single and double

rooms, whilst it is permitted that in some of the latter a

third bed could be added it shall always be assumed that

the use of a third bed is done with the knowledge and

consent of the room occupants. In hotels in the Canbbean

triple rooms may be compnsed of two double beds or two

beds and a sofa bed. This tacit assumption is derived from

the fact of having been notified beforehand, as well as

the room being described as triple in all the reservation

documentation given to the passenger when paying the

deposit, in the contract and the tickets and/or travel

documentation submitted at the same time as signing it.

Likewise, in the case of double rooms for use by up to four


people, with two beds, when so 

in the offer in the


9.2.2 Tours

The hotels mentioned as planned in each tour are subject

to change. In the event that the number of registered

travellers exceeds the spaces reserved for the departure,

the organiser must increase the reservations, customers

travelling in the second and consecutive coaches, would be

accommodated in the indicated or Similar hotels. In some

cities, in the event of coinciding with extraordinary events

(fairs, exhibitions, etc.), customers shall be able to find

accommodation in the surrounding areas.

9.3 Flights

With regard to flights, the passenger must reach the

airport two hours pnor to the official departure time and,

in any case, shall strictly observe the specific recommendations

indicated in the travel documentation provided

when signing the contract. In the event of not being able to

travel as the result of not arriving sufficiently in advance,

the provisions of seclion 4 "Withdrawal by the user" shall

be applicable.

9.4. Supplements

When customers request supplementary services (e.g.

rooms with views, etc.), in the event that the provider

of the services could not, for any reason, provide such

services the passenger could opt to definitively cancel the

supplementary service required or keep their request on

standby whilst walling to see if the services can ultimately

be provided on the assumption that the parties agreed to

the advance payment of the price of the supplementary

services, which ultimately could not be provided, the

amount paid shall be reimbursed by the retailer agency

Immediately upon withdrawal of the service by the

consumer or when returning from the tnp depending on

whether the passenger opted to withdraw the provision

of the supplementary service or kept their request on

standby without it ultimately having been provided. The

above does not entitle the customer to make any other

claim whatsoever.

9.5 Special economic conditions for children

Given the diversity in the treatment applicable to children,

dependmg on their age, the provider of services and the

date of the trip, it is advisable to always consult the scope

of the special conditions in place and that at all times they

shall be the subject of specific and detailed information

and this shall be featured in the contract or in the documentation

for the trip upon signing thereof. In general,

With regard to accommodation, they shall be applicable

provided that the child shares a room with two adults.



when conflrmmg the reservation, the consumer is informed

that he/she shall be given advice from the Retailer Agency

as to taking out an insurance policy which covers the costs

of cancellalion and/or an insurance policy for assistance

which covers the costs of repatriation in the event of accidents,

illness or death, and information on the probable

implicit risks regardmg the destination and the trip hired.

Destinations in the Caribbean, at specific times of the

year, could experience hurricanes For this purpose it is,

nevertheless, recommended that the consumer contacts

the relevant authonty and bodies.


All passengers, without exception (including children),

must carry their valid relevant personal and family documentation

whether passport or Spanish ID card (O.N.I ),

according to the laws of the country or countries they

visit. It shall be their responsibility when trips require

obtaining visas, passports, vaccination certificates, etc.

In the event that a visa application is refused by any

Authority, for specific reasons relating to the user, or their

entry to a country is refused as the result of not meeting

the requirements in force or due to not having the required

documentation or not carrying such documentation on

their person, the organiser accepts no liability whatsoever

for occurrences of this nature. The consumer must bear

any costs incurred whilst in those circumstances, the condillons

and rules established for the voluntary withdrawal

of services shall be applicable All users, and in particular

those who are not Spanish nationals, are also reminded

that they must ensure prior to starting the trip that they

satisfy all the rules and requirements applicable with

regard to visas in order to enter all the countries to be

visited without any problems.

Children under 16 who travel without their parents, or with

someone other than their parents, must also provide a

written authorisation from their parents or legal guardians,

enclosing a copy of their credentials, as a precaution

against this being requested by any authority whilst indicating

at the same lime the information required to locate

the parents in the event of an emergency.


For all purposes, and with regard to land transport, it shall

be understood that luggage and other personal belongings

shall be kept beside the user regardless of the part of

the vehicle where they are located, and that they are

transported at the user's own risk. It is recommended

that the users are present whenever their luggage is

being loaded and unloaded. With regard to air, rail, sea or

river transport of luggage the conditions of the transport

companies are applicable, whilst the travel ticket is the

binding document between the aforementioned companies

and the passenger.

In the event of suffering any damage or loss the consumer

must Immediately submit the relevant complaint to the

Transport Company. The Organising Agency undertakes to

provide the relevant assistance for customers who could

be affected by such circumstances.

Optionally within the combined trip, the customer has the

cover of a policy by the Agency with an Insurance Company

which obliges the company to compensate the insurance

policy holder once only, and up to the sum indicated in the

policy in view of the destination of the trip, for aggravated

robbery or the use of force on their things, the luggage

in their possession, as well as loss and theft proved by a

report made to the relevant authorities, or the damages

incurred as the result of an accident or any kind or fire

which has occurred on the means of transport. In the event

of robbery, loss, theft or damages suffered by the luggage

in the aforementioned circumstances, the customer

undertakes to notify this, within a maximum of 15 days, to

the Insurance Company's head office whilst enclosing the

document proving the report to the relevant authority or

of the claim, where applicable, and the value of the stolen

or damaged objects. The aforementioned period shall start

as from the day on which the customer completes the trip.

The insurance policy cover expressly excludes jewellery

or works of art, money or the symbol which represents it,

equipment for images, sound, IT, radio or any other type

of documents, films and in general any objects which do

not constitute the luggage of the insurance policy holder.

In trips by coach a maximum of 30 kilos per person shall

be transported distributed in one standard-sized suitcase.

Excess luggage shall be accepted provided that the vehicle

loading capacity allows it and in exchange for a specific

payment, whilst it could be refused based on the guide's

criterion it is undisputed that the decision shall, as a last

resort, be taken by the guide, or the vehicle driver in the

event that there is no guide.


The validity of the brochure is from 1st the October of 2011

to the 30th of November 2012.

Date of publication: Apnl 2012.


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