Smoking Should NOT be Allowed on a Balcony

When we book a cruise, part of our job is managing the whole experience. However, this week I have been upset to hear reports that two separate clients have been disturbed by others smoking on their balcony, this was on two different ships ex USA. We all know at sea that smoke is going to blow around!

First, let me explain that some cruise lines have a strict no smoking policy in cabins and on balconies, which my clients would have been aware of. Most cruise lines can charge you a cleanup charge of up to USD250 if you are caught smoking in your cabin.

I personally think there is adequate smoking areas on most ships, there is normally an area on deck, and some cruise lines allow you to smoke in the casino or cigar bar where they have them.

Smoking is a choice, and I would never think less of anyone if they smoke. If they smoked on their balcony once and they did not know then fair enough. But when you know it is not allowed and spoiling the enjoyment of others, it is time to stop. However, there will always be the few who have little regard for others. Some of my clients told me, that soon after the guests next door were smoking, the smell was then replaced by air freshener, um!

What can the cruise line do to stop others breaking the rules? Unfortunately, all they can do is tell them to stop in hope that they are respectful. These are not school children smoking behind the bike sheds, so detention is not going to work!!! However, if a warning does not work, it should not be ignored, and they should threaten or apply the fine, no one wants to lose financially and why should other guests have to suffer for the duration.

Please note these are isolated incidents and most cruise lines handle these situations well. I can though see it being a problem if they lax smoking rules. I personally would not want to see the ships go smoke free, however, more needs to be done to stop the rule breakers.



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