Black Friday & Cyber Monday???

These days you cannot fail to notice that ‘Black Friday’ is now a very big thing in the UK! When I think of ‘Black Friday’, I conjure up images of a chilly winters day in New York and seeing people dressed up warm, shopping in Macy’s…

Well, we now do Halloween on a grander scale than ever before, so why not – it makes money! Yet we talk about sovereignty a lot in this country these days and surely, we should be pushing our own traditions? Could we have a sale every time the Queen has a birthday! However, it is not about that is it, it is about businesses making money and us feeling like we have a bargain.

It is not a bad thing, providing you know your stuff, clear on what you want. Also know your prices, make sure you are getting a bargain and do really want/need it? Gosh, I sound like Martin Lewis here.

Of course, everyone needs a cruise, I must say since specialising in cruises three years ago I was amazed when cruise lines launched amazing ‘Black Friday’ deals. In fact, I booked our first cruise as a family, I was delighted with the price and it took us 30 minutes to book it – I had no regrets and since we have cruised together as a family twice, although our first one on Princess was an awesome deal.

When it comes to looking at cruises on ‘Black Friday’, my advice is, if you see it and it ticks all the boxes just book it. There are no guarantees it will still be there in a weeks’ time. This works well if you know your stuff and perhaps cruising ex UK, obviously if you are looking at a far-flung destination and it is more complicated then take a bit more time.

Everyone has had a worst purchase (apart from a cruise!), mine was an impulse buy on an ActiFry. Why??? Let me know what yours is?

Good luck shopping, sadly my Christmas shopping this year won’t get finished in November! (sad emoji!!!). And if you are looking for a cruise bargain this weekend do get in touch. Although great offers do still exist prior to the event:



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