Royal Caribbean and Technology……

Royal Caribbean seem to always be one step ahead from the rest when it comes to technology. They seem to be investing to make sure they have the infrastructure on their ships to have correct Wi-Fi and the latest technologies.

The newer Royal Caribbean ships are all using a new technology, marketed as Voom which has improved internet access aboard. Here you can stream and watch videos on your devices easily.

Royal Caribbean are also working on a new boarding process that uses facial recognition to speed up embarkation, which when their larger ships carry over 5000 passengers this must be vital to rum the boarding process smoothly. All you will need to do is take a selfie, upload it via an app and then be recognised at the cruise terminal by special facial recognition cameras.

These advance technologies appeal to a huge range of customers from the young to the older generation, its such a great way to keep in touch with family and friends!

It amazes me how important WI Fi is to some guests, I know my daughter would struggle to be without social media interaction for a whole 2 weeks!!



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