No fly cruises have now become so popular. Each year, as the number of people taking cruise holidays increases, so too does the number who want to cruise, but don’t want to fly. There are many reasons why people prefer no fly cruises. Here are just 10 of the more popular reasons.

(1) We live on an island! No matter where you live, you’re  probably closer to the sea than you realised. So, it’s probably just as easy to get to any of the major cruise ports as it would be to get to an airport. Cruises sail from Southampton, Liverpool, Dover, Leith, Dublin, Newcastle and Tilbury.

(2) All cruise ports offer secure parking facilities and easy road and rail access. Most cruise companies make it easy to get from your car to the ship. Less hassle than airports. Your holiday begins almost the moment you arrive at the ship.

(3) If you don’t like flying but want to cruise, here’s your answer. It’s easy.

(4) No airports, no long queues, no dragging heavy suitcases. There will be far less hanging around. This means transferring from your car to your ship is quicker and less of a strain for those with young families.

(5) No cramped aircraft. You and your family will not have to endure low cost flights, cramped aircraft and hidden charges. There is also no long flight home at the end of your holiday.

(6) On no fly cruises, there are almost no luggage restrictions. You can take on board the ship as much luggage as you and your family need for the cruise. Some cruise lines may have provisos so check with me first. Often, once unpacked, some cruise lines will store your luggage, returning it to you, when you need to pack to go home.

(7) You only go through security once. Take a fly cruise, and you’ll probably have to endure security up to five times, which may lead to stress, frustration and long queues.

(8) Your holiday is the same length as your cruise. This might save many days just flying to and from your cruise port and you’ll get to the sights sooner. Leave your car when you start, and you’re off home in a flash once you finish your cruise.

(9) Most of your fellow passengers could be British. This means on board restaurants and entertainment will be geared to British tastes.

(10) No fly cruises are great value. Your holiday starts immediately you board the ship. This gives you more time to enjoy your holiday. There are also no additional flight costs to worry about.

You probably have some of your own reasons for choosing no fly cruises. I’d love to hear of the strangest, and the funniest reasons, why people choose no fly cruises. Share them with me, and I might add them to a future blog.

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