Port Canaveral

I thought whilst I was having a magical time in the “sunshine state” , I would keep with my holiday theme and give you a run down of my local port.

So since opening way back in 1953, Port Canaveral is one of the 4 ports in the state of Florida along with Tampa, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Its one of the USA’s busiest ports looking after around 3.9 million cruise passengers each year as well as naval  and cargo ships.

So apart from plenty of history what else is there to do when arriving on a cruise in Port Canaveral. Here are my top 5 cruising excursions.


1/ Nasa’s Kennedy Space Centre.

Probably the closest in distance to the port , this fascinating look at the history of space travel is a must. Where else can you say you have been to a working space centre and even meet a real life astronaut????  Spend the day exploring the historical artifacts from big time space launches, and if you are really lucky with arrival there could even be a new space launch to see.



2/ Coco bay

If you are looking for a beach day, Coco beach is for you . Spanning over 15 miles of beautiful white sand, soak up the sun, participate in water sports. This beach is well worth the trip.

3/ Airboat Ride

Florida is famous for its swamps and marsh land with this comes airboat rides. These are fantastic fun and carry up to 15 people, and travel up to 40 mph . They are perfect for exploring the nature at its best in Florida.

HOW CAN YOU VISIT FLORIDA WITHOUT VISITING THE THEME PARKS? So my last two are for trips to Port Canaveral preferably if you have a longer over night stay to really make the most of your trip.

4/ Universal Studios

2 parks with more thrills and fast roller coasters than you would know what to do with. Pairs up with the ever growing popular Harry Potter world  there really is something for everyone here, and lastly take a trip down movie memory lane with ride dedicated to favourites such as E.T, The mummy, Hulk, An Marvel stars like Spiderman, it certainly isn’t for the faint hearted.

5/Lastly and most importantly my favorite , the most magical place on earth. Personally I wouldn’t visit for a day, I would maybe make sure the cruise ended in Port Canaveral and have a twin center, because with 4 parks, 2 water parks and shopping center boasting over 60 designers shops and dining venues how could you possible fit all that into one day, of course I am talking about Walt Disney world.

Have you cruises to Port Canaveral before? Have you maybe tried something i haven’t mentioned that you would like to add to my list? I would love to hear from you to get some  more ideas.

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