Loved “living on the Edge”

As you may recall I was very lucky enough to enjoy a 2 nights with the Brand New Celebrity Edge recently. After my own holiday experience with Celebrity a couple of years ago I was so excited to see what they had to offer on this state of the art vessel, and they certainly did not disappoint.

Prior to travelling I used their new online check in facilities which does most of the check in prior to leaving home including uploading your on board photo and entering passport details. I found this really easy to use and  was interested to see how much time  it would actually save.

Fast forward to Embarkation day , on arrival I made myself know to have used this new service and was shown to a small queue to use the new facial recognition.  Once at the station and apart from a small issue which was more to do with my short legs and nothing to do with Celebrity’s fab technology all I had to do was look into the screen and from that it brought all my details through and checked me in!!!!!  I felt like the Flash going through check in, terminal to ship in JUST 12 minutes! This was the first but not the last time I was Wowed by this ship.

So after our speedy check in we went to our Concierge infinite balcony cabin and once again I was bowled over. I loved how modern and light the cabin was but still so classy. The light grey ash décor was just stunning and we loved how all the little squirks which add to the wow factor. The stand out innovation for me was definitely the Balcony which at first glance looks like a huge window however with a touch of a button the glass window retracts downwards to open you balcony. I loved how this added space to the cabin to sit when either windy or during bad weather, plus there was also a hidden blind which also retracted to shade from sun.  Over all I love our concierge cabin there was nothing I would have changed about it.

Click here to see my video tour of our cabin.



I really enjoyed taking the opportunity whilst carrying low passenger numbers to really delve into this new ship and here are a just few of my favourite parts



The Pool deck area is huge, I’m not sure a pool this big on a cruise ship before, and loved how they added the ceramic loungers in the water they will be amazing on a glorious hot day somewhere tropical. Everything on this deck is close by with a pool bar, snack plus the buffet restaurant you really don’t have to go far for refreshments.

Also these full glass panels give both a shelter from the winds but keeping the amazing views from your sunbeds, plus if you love a hot tub you will love the fabulous Martini glass shaped ones on edge.

WE DID!!!!

The amazing transformative Eden was mindblowing! A venue that by day you can enjoy the lush serine surroundings grab a drink and relax. Covering multiple levels you can also enjoy the speciality restaurant part which offers a lively open air kitchen with a sensory inspired menu whist being entertained by various performers called Edenists!.

After dark this turns into a late night venue offering various entertainment. Whilst on board we enjoyed a fabulously fun Silent disco.


A huge part of my Edge experience was the food on board everything from the Ocean café buffet restaurant, to the coffee shop to the evening dining was  outstanding but that is going to take another blog to tell you all about that.


So it you would like to know more about Celebrity Edge or her upcoming sister Apex please email me at or call me directly on 0330 303 8260


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