Gulp!!! The big 40!!!

Next year I will be turning a very nauseating 4…..0, and I decided a while ago if I have to do this I will be doing it in style!!!!!!

My dearest and dearest know only too well, that much like the queen when marking these occasions I tend carry these over various events. So along with organising  a big “black tie and glam” party locally,  I have also just booked a girls mini cruise weekend with P&O Ventura for 2 nights to Bruges next November!!!!!! (I’m sure there will also be other meals, trips etc added too at some point)

Last time I was on Ventura was 2008 when she was practically brand new, so will be looking forward to seeing who’s aged better me or her lol (I’m really not liking my chances)

Lets just hope my dance moves have improved……



Along for the ride I have a mixture of seasonal cruisers some family and some friends and also a number of first time cruisers I’m excited to welcome to my world of cruising.

I’m sure they are going to love it, if nothing else the promise of Belgium Chocolate, Xmas markets and Cherry lager is enough to make any weekend brilliant.


Have you done a short break with P&O before?

Are you interested in trying one out before taking a longer one?

For more information please call me on 0330 303 8260 or email


Until next time








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