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This is me, Marie Turner. I live in the Beautiful Garden of England that is Kent, with my husband Ben and 3 daughters Megan, Abigail and Ruby. I have been working within the travel industry for the past 20 years, enjoying seeing the world with my young family . I love…

Posted on Aug 18, 2019
Port Canaveral

I thought whilst I was having a magical time in the “sunshine state” , I would keep with my holiday theme and give you a run down of my local port. So since opening way back in 1953, Port Canaveral is one of the 4 ports in the state of…

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Posted on Aug 2, 2019
Hooray Hooray it’s time for a holiday!!!!!!!!

Yes the summer is finally here, we are off  back to the Magic , our happy place... WALT DISNEY WORLD. Currently my excitement is in overdrive ready for our 2019 trip to Orlando but my question is..........how long do you spend getting ready for your cruise holiday? (I do not…

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Posted on Jul 17, 2019
Oh what a Saga!

Well despite not making it to Bruges I am back from a fantastic  VIP trade event on Saga's  brand new  "Spirit of Discovery". This was my first experience of Saga and I must say I was very  impress with this newest addition to their fleet. The 58,250 tonnes, 999 passengers,…

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Posted on Jul 1, 2019
A Cruise Dot Saga

This week some of cruise.co.uk included myself have been invited on board the Brand new Saga Spirit of Discovery! We will Depart Dover for a 2 nights taste cruise to Bruges returning just before her naming ceremony on Friday 5th Jul by the Duchess of Cornwall. Spirit of Discovery, is…

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Posted on Jun 12, 2019
Loved “living on the Edge”

As you may recall I was very lucky enough to enjoy a 2 nights with the Brand New Celebrity Edge recently. After my own holiday experience with Celebrity a couple of years ago I was so excited to see what they had to offer on this state of the art vessel,…

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Posted on May 22, 2019
Where Our Magic Began!

It is no secret...…………… I love Disney ! Way back in 2015 as newly weds with a little tiny toddling daughter about 2 year old, my husband and I took our first trip to Orlando Florida for our honeymoon, and there began our Magical obsession with all that is Walt Disney!!!!!!   Since…

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Posted on May 10, 2019
A right Royal Mess!!!

So.… 9th May 19  will now be known in the travel industry as the all new  "Independence (of the sea) Day" but for all the wrong reasons. In a shock announcement without any warning we were advised yesterday morning that Royal Caribbean have decided to pull the UK's favourite ship Independence of the sea from Southampton in summer…

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Posted on Apr 23, 2019
Taste of Summer

Winter is over, summer is nearly here. This years holiday season is nearly upon us, and after a weekend of glorious record breaking Easter Sunshine everyone will now start thinking about their summer holiday. So what is it that cruising has to offers to make you book a cruise holiday in…

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Posted on Apr 5, 2019
NCL… Taking the fun out of cruising?

What are the little cruising traditions that over the years you have come to love and remember ?   For some guests they remember the big things, Sail away parties on top deck or the Baked Alaska parade but currently one much loved cruise traditions is under jeopardy with Norwegian Cruise…

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Posted on Mar 21, 2019
Gulp!!! The big 40!!!

Next year I will be turning a very nauseating 4.....0, and I decided a while ago if I have to do this I will be doing it in style!!!!!! My dearest and dearest know only too well, that much like the queen when marking these occasions I tend carry these over various events.…

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