Carnival support the Caribbean Relief Effort

With the Caribbean Hurricane season now behind us (hopefully) the horrific damage it left behind still haunts the good people of the Caribbean. With scores of deaths to deal with Caribbeans are also living without the basics, Water, Electric or even a roof over their damaged property.

The Caribbean is a Mecca for worshipers  and the travel industry works full time creating, packaging and selling memorable holidays for us all.

With many Islands to damaged to either get to or visit as a tourist the cruise industry has had a headache trying to re-route their itineraries to keep the customer happy.

Incredibly some customers have be very unsympathetic to those that are living this nightmare in the Caribbean and making a real fuss about their itineraries being changed, Yes it is disappointing but they are alive and have nice warms homes to fall back on.

Carnival Cruise have gone 1 step beyond changing itineraries with their Fascination ship.

On the Carnival website you will see the following paragraphs about the fascination.

*** Let’s talk about Carnival Fascination… when you step aboard this ship, you’re not only about to start a fun cruise, you’re about to enter a different world. Let your inner star out as you wander among the Hollywood-themed décor all around.

As you explore onboard spaces and amenities on Carnival Fascination, you may feel as if you wandered onto a film set… spots like the ornate Passage to India Lounge or the swanky Sensation Dining Room will do that. Meet and have a drink with your fellow beautiful people at Beverly Hills Bar, or grab a bite with tropical flair at Coconut Grove Bar and Grill. And star treatment is within anyone’s grasp at Spa Carnival.***

Well until February that is no longer what this ship is about.

As well as already delivering the most immediate necessities, including food, water, clothing, diapers, and generators, among other items whilst visiting ports of call the Fascination is now out of business.

For the next 3-4 months she will be home/ hotel to a massive relief effort taking place.

The cruise line posted on its website: “Earlier this week, we communicated that we were ready to resume our operation from San Juan on Carnival Fascination, with our first cruise departing this Sunday. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has since asked us to support the relief and rebuilding efforts and Carnival Fascination has been chartered to provide housing for relief workers in the U.S. Virgin Islands. This means the ship’s departures from October 15, 2017 through January 28, 2018 will be canceled. Carnival Fascination will return to year-round service from San Juan beginning February 18, 2018.”

A massive disappointment for thousands of Carnival Customers, I have a few effected and i am glad to say my customers have been fully supportive of this decision.

Good luck to all involved in the relief effort and hopefully your Islands and homes will back to how you want them and how the rest of the world love to see them.

Here is a link to Carnival’s donation page if you  would like to help





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