Whats an obstructed view? How bad can it be?

Whenever there are offers on Obstructed cabins or sheltered, it is pretty hard to describe over the phone to give people a mental image of what it means, experienced cruisers will know, more or less, but we are lucky enough with Cunard to have a library with every cabin number which shows the obstruction.

I have picked on the Queen Mary2 only because I did a booking yesterday and was able to email a picture of the sheltered balcony, not easy to explain.

So, we have obstructed and sheltered, anything starting with a DB, DC, DF will be obstructed. This is cabin number 8068 and is a DB grade, would it matter to you? they are often hundreds of pounds cheaper per person.

Then we have the sheltered balconies, these are actually quite popular on the transatlantic crossings, as there is not much to see in the Atlantic Ocean! These cabins will have the grades BZ, BY, BV, BU

So if you are thinking of booking on any of the Cunard ships, and you are curious to see the actual “obstruction” let us know and we can get an image of the cabin from the extensive library we have access to.

They do vary on each ship, they have the same images for P&O too!

A balcony for many people is just about the extra space, or feeling of space, with the floor to ceiling sliding doors letting in lots of natural light, and to be able to sit out and have a tipple while your partner is getting dressed.

Whatever your preference, if you don’t mind the obstruction, or greenhouse effect, you can save lots of money and still have the balcony. If in doubt, call us and we can look for the pictures for you.

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