What are the Alcoves on Silhouette ?

What a nice change this year to have a different ship, its always been the Eclipse who is now taking a turn out of Dublin. I was happy for the Irish when I saw this until I saw the itineraries! Did someone at Celebrity think the poor Irish like the cold weather? It would have been nice to have done at least one Mediterranean destination?

I went on Eclipse after I had sailed with Silhouette and can honestly say it was like being on the same ship! A few small differences, the Eclipse has the glass blowing still on the top deck, Silhouette has a restaurant here with private Alcoves for rent as well.

The chic Alcoves comprise eight cabana-style areas that can accommodate up to 6 guests between 9am and 9pm. Their secluded setting is the perfect complement to the outdoor activity of the Lawn Club – step out of an alcove and you are immediately on real green grass. Look outside and see stunning views of the sea, with your exotic destination on the horizon.

What do you get?

Fresh fruits skewers / fruit popsicles
All day Room service menu available
Choice of : Veuve Rose, Grey Goose, or bottle of white wine (if you have the rinks package, irrelevant)
Bucket of 6 assorted beers
4 Bottles of Evian Ltr
Butler service (phone available) very handy
Chilled towels
Complimentary viewing of films of the Lawn Club (if booking on a Taste of Film evening).

Cost? well yes, but they hold six people so if three couples were together $249 for a sea day, this can vary from ship to ship, and I think its worth a haggle, if they are sitting empty and you have the drinks package, maybe offer $ 200, they do deals on board with the speciality dining, why not this? Port days are cheaper, around $99 seems a bit pointless though as the ship is normally half empty anyway.

It may seem pricey, but picture a day at sea, really hot weather, you dare not leave your sunbed for fear of losing it, you can sit here all day, come back and forth as you please from breakfast or lunch, maybe pop off and do a quiz, I think for one day its a nice treat and if you split the cost £60 per couple?

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