Welcome to my world! Or maybe not this week

Here it is my humble abode and place of work AKA the spare room!! previously known as my son’s bedroom, who is now off into the world and sharing with friends, learning all about bills and council tax !! Happy days

This is where as they say “the magic happens” or this week where a few litres of Gin/Vodka/ anything with alcohol would have been much appreciated.

From this humble little corner, we have this week migrated onto a whole new loading system, know as SUITE, we all know in three months time we will be looking back and laughing at the frustrating times we are having now, buts that’s in a few months, not this week.

For the next month please accept my apologies now if I am delayed in any of the normally quick procedures we do for you, as with any new system there are going to be short cuts, I just don’t know them yet, but I will.

Tickets are taking longer to process, as the sales support team is learning as we go too, so the backlog for tickets when I checked was over 300 this morning, and we have the same amount of staff.

To be fair our old systems were old, and we have been going with the flow for so long now we never thought this day would come, but it has, and as the days have worn on it has got a little easier.


So if you have been waiting for an email/invoice/call back, a bon voyage or welcome home call, once again my apologies, I am not ignoring you, or as one kindly gentleman asked was I “sending him to Coventry”  (Joke as I live there), the answer is just as simple as this. All will resume after a few weeks I am sure, thanks to everyone for your patience



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