Trip up North (not a cruise)

I am very concerned about the cars and vehicles being sold in the north of England, as none appear to have any indicators that actually work !! They also appear to have not realised there are new rules on the highways, you should not be sitting in the middle land unless overtaking ?? One can only assume the highway code changes at some point during this trip.

We had a bit of family reunion with My husband getting together with his son after many years, we met them for the weekend and luckily enough this was also on his birthday so it was a lovely weekend.

He has a lovely partner, who unfortunately had to work, so escaped from the camera.

Not a cruise this time, but a great trip. Busy with my cruise for next year and have finally booked on the reflection for the Caribbean in November 2019, this is the last of the solstice class I need to go on, hopefully, she lives up to the others, though I see no reason why not.

We have been looking at flights (sort of) as they are still a little out of date range, and seriously considering going Via Dublin. Firstly, we can then go from Birmingham, and most important we have discovered that they have an immigration department for the States in Dublin, I have heard lots of horror stories about Miami and the queues to get through, so its looking pretty tempting, If we go this route I will be sure to let you know.

The conference is now looming, so 16th December will be my first trip with Cruise and Maritime, on the Marco Polo to, of all places, Dublin !! had a few laughs with customers over this as she is not the biggest of ships, and the Irish sea can get a little choppy, will let you know how that goes too !

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