Suite privileges, what a muddle !! And watch out for Ovation of the seas

Royal Suite Class is available on Symphony of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, Harmony of the Seas, Anthem of the Seas and Ovation of the Seas (Singapore and Sydney departures only).

Heres the heading that intrigued my customer, and we both then proceeded to lose a few hours of our lives we are unlikely to ever get back, trying to find out.

I did, in fact, visit this ship when she originally came to Southampton before she moved over to Asia, she had been built with the Asin market in mind, all the signs have English and Chinese translations, a dead giveaway. Johnny Rockets had been replaced by a noodle bar, no shock there.

What intrigued us both are the suite benefits? Any sailing out of China, no privileges? why?

Well, I get on the phone to Royal Caribbean and after speaking to several people, still no answer. So be careful when booking this ship for any departure other than Sydney/Singapore as the suites will not give you all the nice little extras you would normally get, and we are still none the wiser why!!

Royal Caribbean has also recently changed the suites into three categories when something is not broken, why fix it??

There is now A star, sky, and Sea split, all giving different privileges, this link may help in your decisions

And to be fair, this is almost as clear as mud, still not explaining why the Ovation Asian market is different from any other sailing.

With the ships all getting bigger and the passengers reaching over 6,000 on many, the private sun deck is a big draw, so needless to say my customer booked in a Grand loft suite thought she would be able to go and get her sunbed on a private deck, on Ovation, the answer to this is no !!!

The most frustrating part for both of us was not being able to find this information anywhere, so if the cruise line don’t know, who else does?

I am looking forward to her return and maybe have some feedback.

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