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I have, in a previous blog written about single travelling and was delighted to find a report on our website giving a review, this is a very recent review and very positive, so well done NCL !

Solo travelling on NCL Getaway

Reviewed By: jeandren, poole on 6th Feb 2014
I was attracted to a cruise package flyer sent to me by offering a maiden voyage transatlantic on the NCL Getaway to New York. The balcony cabin looked great. My wife however decided not to go so it was a choice of paying a single supplement for the cabin or not going.
I spoke with the travel agent and she advised me that the ship had “solo traveler” rooms. I took a look online and booked paying only a little more than what would have been my half of the fare in a balcony!
I was attracted to not only the appearance of the accommodation but also the fact that there is a Solo Travelers Lounge where I would be able to meet others travelling on their own. The Lounge very quickly made me realise that travelling alone was not going to be a lonely experience!
The Lounge is split over 2 floors with restricted access to key holders in the solo cabins of which there about 60.
There is a self service wine bar, an exceptionally good coffee machine which delivered the best coffee and cappuccinos on the ship 24 hours a day, fresh water and orange juice, fresh pastries available all day, comfortable seating and a TV.
There is also a full service manned bar at selected times of the day.
The Lounge has a host, on my trip it was Zach, a very friendly and knowledgeable member of the ships entertainment staff. He organised a gathering for 5 pm each night so we could all meet up and chat and if we wished go off to dinner or shows together. We soon bonded and I went off to dinner most nights with some my new travelling companions.
Now this is not a singles club! I am married, quite a few of the others were married (more chaps than women) and were travelling alone for their own reasons. No one need worry about being a solo traveler and I was not aware of anyone treating solo travelling in this was as a dating agency!
The ages ranged from early twenties to eighties. In the solo lounge everyone is equal!
This was my first experience of the relaxed freestyle type of cruising offered my NCL. As a solo traveler to be able to eat when I wanted with whom I wanted has made me realise that how stuffy and restricting some of the other cruise lines are. Well done NCL!

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