Size is always an issue ?

I am using one of my own personal favourites Celebrity as usual weighing in around 122000 tons and roughly 3000 passengers, just the right size for me, as are all of the solstice class.

Whats the big difference? Larger the ship, more options, this goes for all sorts , cabins , dining, bars , restaurants.

Think of it as village or city , its great living in a little village (small ships) you know almost everyone , its the same songs sung by the same band every Tuesday at either the Royal Oak or the Kings Head !!

Local restaurants, you will see your neighbours and children’s friends parent on a regular basis, even the weekly shop can take three times longer as you have to stop and chat to everyone. the local barmaid is pulling your pint before you reach the bar.

Sound familiar ? If this is what you like then great , book the smaller ships , if you prefer the city life, the opposite , then don’t, fairly simple really. I only today did a welcome home from one of the smaller ships, roughly 700 passengers, I am not going to name the ship as its not fair, the customer had a lovely time, while she was not complaining she did say by 10pm every night they were alone , expect this.

Smaller ships are known for the detail to food , one to one customer service, not for the Broadway shows and 17 bars.

Which is why Celebrity are good for me , It sort of fits both, enough going on to keep you busy , but not that many that its a floating

And families, why book a smaller ship, with limited facilities for children , yes its cheaper , let me think why ??

When Some of the what I call Whistle and Bell ships start charging bigger numbers in summer , look and see what the ship has to offer , and you will see why

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