QueenVictoria, what a treat !

All very Titanic looking under the clock, with possibly the youngest
captain I have ever met, nomally stuck in the back and somehow managed to get in the front row !!

It is unusual to get a 7-night cruise for a FAM trip, normally we are lucky to get 3/4, and very grateful we are too, so a whole week was a luxury.

There are I think some ideas that Cunard will be stuffy and this is totally wrong, traditional yes, stuffy no, they were a fabulous bunch on board, we met lots of the passengers from far and wide, utterly friendly. I like my quiz nights at home and they have a lot on board, I must be honest,  in my younger group, not so keen, so I went alone, joined up with other like-minded people and actually only sat alone for one.

Would I send my youngest and his girlfriend on for a week, probably not, a family, yes, couples very much so of all ages perhaps 40 plus, certainly not all over 80 as many people have this idea.

My favourite pass time (for the novelty more than anything) had to be the afternoon tea in the Queen’s room, not to be missed every day at precisely 1530 pm, and you need to get there for just after 3 pm or you will queue !!

I am getting more photos ready to load, more to follow on this lovely trip




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