P&O say goodbye to hen parties ??

How many times have you seen the “pink ladies” getting on board the famous 2 night party cruises, originally called taster cruises, well I can tell you from having been on many of them , plenty of times !! Otherwise its Wendy 50th , Betty’s 30th we can go on and on.

Well no more, this has now been stopped from Jan 2018 on all P&O ships , I think this will cause a mixed reaction from all parties, firstly many people have already booked for 2018 with celebrations in mind, so I feel this is unfair for them to set new rules AFTER the booking has been done ? Many people have planned and are ready for a party !!

On the other side , anyone who goes on a two night cruise , after having done longer ones , will know they are not in any shape or form a “taster” the whole atmosphere is completely different and it has a huge variation in ages/groups, I do not think the words taster cruise shoul be used, they are nothing like a 7 night or longer ones

Here is the official notice we now have to read out to customers

**Important Information**
We hope you are looking forward to your cruise. Ahead of your arrival, we
wanted to advise about a new dress code policy.

As of 1 January 2018, fancy dress, novelty or clothing personalised with
images/slogans will not be permitted. We are also reducing the amount of
alcohol guests can bring on board (a change from the policy wording in the
January 2018 – October 2019 brochure).

We believe this will make the on board experience special for everyone. Thank
you for your understanding. We look forward to welcoming you on board.

Find out more: pocruises.com/code-of-conduct

So Whats your thoughts ? should they have done this , I am a little for both sides, but really , a two night cruise is for a party , lefts face it , and usually they only dress for the one night only , and rarely in the MDR

There was no such code on Fred Olsen for our conference last year, i agreed , under duress to be one half of packman , I believe its the Ghost ??



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