P&O new drinks package…Trial

Well there’s been lots of talking and social media about this new drinks package being offered by P&O, some are saying about time, others not so sure.

There are lots of terms and conditions, which in a way I agree with, at least they are making it crystal clear of the rules, unlike another ship I have been on where you were not told you were timed between drinks !!

This is a TRIAL and here are some of the terms and conditions :-

It starts on Azura only for one month only (apologies, I think my picture is the Britannia!!)
The package can only be booked on board and for the duration of the cruise, and not in advance
A decision will then be made after one month if going forward with 2019 cruises wether this will be implemented

The price of £39.95 pp per day seems reasonable, and in line with other cruise lines if you compare the bar prices. Limited to 15 drinks per day? again, seems fair, with a gap allowed of 15 minutes between drinks? 4 per hour.

I do fear, however, that I would need to drink the most expensive, and closest to the £6.95 per drink limit to make it value for money.

Who will save? In my opinion the families, as when you purchase the drinks package, children will be getting the child package for under 16, why the poor 17 year olds have been missed out I have no idea ??

So the bottom line if you happen to be on the Azura from 21/07/2018, which is a 14-night trip with Mum, Dad & two little ones £1118.60 for the duration of the cruise, would you normally spend this? is it worth it?

Personally, I would like to see a Beer and Wine package, this cuts out all of the spirits and cocktails, this you could then buy as a treat? any thoughts?

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