P&O drinks package , a good or bad thing ?

They must be one of the last few cruise lines left not offering this, is it a good thing? I have had mixed reactions when chatting with customers. When in life is anything really FREE, the old saying there is no such thing as a FREE lunch.

I Have, in the past, checked cruises right before the promotions change, and truly very often the price just increases to cover the additions FREEBIES, and this is very frustrating for people who don’t drink, or in the case of parking, they don’t drive, maybe just get a train or get dropped off at the port. Yet there is no discount for not having either.

Princess got it right this year, you can add them at the time of booking, or not, a much better way of doing things.

For anyone who likes a tipple, they are great, especially on a 7 nighter or shorter. I have a decision to make as we are going on a repositioning next year October for 15 nights, Southampton to Miami, the package is $65 pp per day plus 18% tax!! That’s £885 pp for the duration, I am just not sure I can sustain the amount I would have to drink over 15 nights, there would need to be two wardrobe sizes packed to allow for the extra weight I would gain.

We have been with P&O before and to be fair the prices are not too bad, with the bonus of them all being in ponded, what you see is what you pay, no added “taxes” I don’t think it will take off for them, die-hard P&O fans are not being very enthusiastic about it.

If you want to check any dinks prices, you can always check our website, which is a mine of pre-cruise information

This covers may of the cruise lines

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