Over 5,000 passengers on board, too much for you?

Well not long now until I am off on the new MSC Seaview with the grandchildren in August 77 days and counting, this is the first one they have been on and they both very excited, the older one is nearly 10 so he understands a little more, hopefully, MSC will not let me down.

After working @ cruise.co.uk for many years now the older one has been nagging to go on a cruise, I cannot wait to see their little faces when we get to the water park, there is a slide that goes over the ocean!! Icecream until they pop and the all-time favorite PIZZA.

Last year we helped out and took them to Great Yarmouth for a week in the school holidays, well apart from the beach there was not much to keep them entertained, this year will be so different.

We may have to persevere for the first day or two as the age gap means they go into different clubs, and the little one just follows the big one everywhere, but I am sure once he makes a few little “buddies” all will be fine.

Mummy and daddy are coming too, they have only done a mini cruise before, so they are just as excited, Probably by the fact that Nanny and grandad are on board for babysitting !!

MSC Seaview offers endless fun for the whole family, with two full-sized bowling alleys, a dedicated family restaurant, and the most interactive, multi-story water park at sea featuring 5 different water slides, an AquaPlayTM area designed for tots and an adventure trail. In addition, MSC Seaview boasts colourful kids’ play areas all created in partnership with LEGO

Not my first ship of choice, but for the children ?? watch this space when I am back, there will be pictures.



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