Never mind Alexa, meet Zoe

Coming on board the new Bellissima from MSC is the voice-activated help desk which will be in every cabin, answering questions from port information, show times, dining requests!

Has it all just gone a bit too far, I was on board Seaview in August 2018 and signs of some of the smart technology were apparent, to book a show you needed to sign in to one of the large screens found all around the ship, scan your cabin card and pick a show time. I think its good in a way and sad in others, the cruise lines have to keep up with everything going on in the outside world and the younger people attracting them to the “new” cruise style.

Personally, for me it has put me off the bigger ships, I am getting towards the more personal touch, and having barmen serve me not a robotic arm. Its signs of the times and everyone needs to be doing something bigger, better and smarter.

Maybe I should have been born into the era of the Titanic type cruises where everyone dressed for dinner and all of the waiters wore white gloves, oops maybe I should stick to Cunard!

Well, that’s me finished this Thursday for a week, and no cruise in sight, a little week away in Benidorm with some good friends, looking forward to a bit of fun and laughter, there may even be a couple of drinkies involved as well, forecast looking good for the weather, first time for me in Benidorm! In fact its the first land holiday I have had for quite some time.

Don’t worry I am still cruising, only in November to the Caribbean, so a long time to wait thought we would sneak this one in for a little rest, may even get time for another little weekender in the middle of the year.

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