MSC Seaview, my opinion

Well here is the little one, happily sitting in the baby portion of the main deck, the pool is not as big as I would have expected for the number of passengers on board, though this was a nice touch as a fairly large area and very shallow that he could easily sit in as you can see. Mason was three in May, this is August 2018

Be warned if you have any children this small, the waterpark is not a great prospect for them, there is not any place for you to sit and “watch” them, so you either spend the day there or convince them into this area.

This wonderful selfie of hubby gives you an idea behind of the main deck, when we had a sea day this did become very busy, added to the fact the weather was glorious we were convinced everyone was out trying to find a sunbed, there were most likely enough to go around, but you had the usual problem of people “saving” beds with books and towels, now this is hard to police on a smaller ship, and in fairness to MSC almost impossible with over 5000 passengers on board, and she was most definitely full on this sailing.

Our last night and mummy and daughter enjoying late night drinkies in the lobby bar.

The only day it rained, Barcelona on the last day, this would be my concern with a ship this size, and maybe getting some not so good weather, everyone would have to be indoors, I really do not think she could cope with all of the people, they will have to keep her wherever the weather is good. It will be interesting to watch the reviews at the end of her season in the Mediterranean.

We had a good holiday, would I go on the Seaview again with just myself and Paul? the answer is probably a no, its just the sheer size of her, for families with smaller children and teenagers, amazing, they are very well looked after and lots to do, even if some of the teenage activites can cost extra, there are cards that can be purchased and I understand these to be very good value

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